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Daddy life benefits to start in your 20s.Adult girls can also learn and absorb

I have a lot of prejudice against papa-katsu.

By crossing the line, most people in the world say compensated dating.

but, I.

I think that papa katsu is one of the smart ways of living for girls.

Of course, I am also a papa-katsu-joshi, and I am on the side of papa-katsu-joshi.

I have a lot of prejudices and conflicts in me, but I thought about the merits of being a dad.

 I think there are benefits to starting such a dad activity in your 20s.

Everyone has things that decrease with age, things that increase, and things that change.
It varies from visible to invisible, external and internal.
First of all, I've always wondered what it is that older men, especially older men, find attractive in young girls in their 20s.
The answer that I have arrived at is

① A man who is vulnerable to first-time experiences and his innocence

②Pure atmosphere and pure honesty

③Ignorance strongest theory


A man who is vulnerable to first experience and innocence

I'm sure it's the "innocence" of being young.

It's innocent and cute.

Men are weak at "first time".

A man said that seeing a girl impressed by the course meal was very comforting.
I feel that the innocence that comes from being young fades with age, even if you are careful.
Of course, there are adult women who are innocently cute, and of course there are those who have more adult sex appeal and charm.

From the male side, I think there are individual differences in which one is more attractive.
However, I thought that among the elements that are decreasing year by year, there are quite a few men who are vulnerable to new experiences and the elements that men find attractive in terms of innocence.

With a smile mixed with surprise, "Looks delicious'

While bringing my cheeks to my mouth, "It's the first time I ate something like this'

Yes, I always try to keep things fresh, never forget my original intention, and never get used to it.

Pure atmosphere and pure honesty.

"Innocent and cute"Innocent”, but as you get older, you will find out what clothes and makeup suits you and what brands you like, so there are some differences between young girls and adult girls.
One man said that he enjoys buying clothes for girls and seeing them grow more beautiful and attractive through what he gives and what he supports.
It may be the same as the psychology of cheering for idols.

Even if you can't curl your hair well, your black hair looks attractive when you don't do anything about it. I think that "youth" that makes you look attractive even if you can have a trivial conversation, choose the words you choose, wear, eat, or dress up, is a pure atmosphere and pure honesty.
I think this is also a personality that can be conscious if you keep it in mind.

The ultimate in ignorance.

And that "I don't know" can be a strength.

"ignorance” is also one of the charms unique to young girls.

There is no meaning in simply not knowing, but there is a desire to learn and to know.ignorance” can appeal to the instinctive side of men.
In fact, in my case, there are many things that I can learn about love and marriage, and I am able to learn and absorb them in my own way from real-life episodes.

That kind of "I want to knowI have experienced many situations where men happily talk to me by talking about my feelings and asking questions.

These charms can only be felt by young girls in their 20s.

I thought it was worth trying for the first time.

So, what are the advantages of being a dad in your 20s for girls?

Reduction of vague anxiety

Young girls these days have a vague sense of insecurity.
The causes include the pension system, declining bank interest rates, the collapse of lifetime employment, the diversification of life options, the era of lifelong love, etc.
It seems that the current trend is to worry about money and work from a young age.

Many young people worry about their old age.

I think they may feel uneasy about the pension system, lifetime employment, and distrust of society.

The era of increasing money just by depositing it in the bank is over, and the interest rate on ordinary deposits is 0.001%.

infinitely close to zero.

I think that's why the number of girls who invest and start asset management is increasing rapidly.

Working at the same company until retirement is no longer the norm.you don't have toThe age of first marriage is steadily rising, and the rate of never-married life is also rising.
Also, in some places, it is said to be a lifetime love era, but it is not yet accepted.

The shape of the couple who continues to love only their wives after marriage also changes little by little.

The fear of something that doesn't know when it will end.
Women's life choices are increasing and diversifying.

I have that kind of anxiety.

There is an environment where you can see and hear such stories in real life, SNS.
In order to wipe out the vague anxiety that comes from a young girl's lack of experience, lack of education, or lack of knowledge compared to adults, she swallows people's experiences.I want to improve myselfI can think.

Regardless of whether or not you can truly improve yourself, you can take the first step toward improving your desire, hope, and effort.

I think that's the merit of starting dad activities.

There are of course financial benefits as well.

I want to take the time to save a lot of money for the future.

eyes for people

There were various men who met as a dating club.

The people I meet through the dating club are all really gentlemanly people, but I think it's compatibility with me and how I feel about that person's way of thinking.

"Oh, I have an idea'

"Oh, I'm so in love with this kind of person'

And you can always get some kind of "awareness" as many as the number of encounters.
A young girl in her 20s who hasn't met many people yet will meet with that many men, and I think it will speed up the speed at which she develops an eye for people.

The men who come to the dating club are successful in some field.

How I feel about that person, what I think of them, is up to each individual, but the more I make those judgments, the more I realize that経 験”, and I feel strong in living in society.

In that sense, I think Papa-katsu-joshi is amazingly strong to live in society.
But there are fears and anxieties that come from being young.

Even adults should keep in mind that there are dangerous people.

I try to meet various people and see various people in order to acquire the ability to sharpen my senses by properly identifying people I can trust.

Also, recently, incidents have been on the news and it is very scary.

Have you learned anything from such news that you can't do this in your own way?

I learned from such cases in my own way, and I think that it is important to protect myself by myself.Papa-katsu is one of the clever ways of living for girls”, I think.

How about that

“Charms” and “strengths” unique to young girls

I thought that was the advantage of starting dad activities in my 20s.

And "About what I think was good to be a dad, what I'm satisfied with"

I will also write a column here, so please check it out.

It's been a year and a half since I started working as a dad.I had a long break in the middle, so I progressed slowly.I would like to share my experience with you.

Article by Aya

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