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Reason for registration and flow from interview to treatment


Nice to meet you.

I will write a column from now on. My name is Aya.
First of all, I wrote about my personal reason for becoming a dad, so if you want to know about the flow from the interview to the allowance, please skip it.

Reason for joining the dating club

For me, my first encounter with the Dating Club began when I thought about “death” due to a certain illness.

I had a good family environment and lived without any particular difficulties, but that was the first time I couldn't tell my parents, grandmother, sister, or best friend.
I still remember "生 き て い るIt is a past that seems to be important in itself.

If life ends, I want "experience"

So I thought "経 験"was.

It doesn't sound good to say that it's quick, but at that time, I had a strong feeling that I didn't have time.

I wanted the experience.

Until we reach the Universe Club

So I used a lot of "経 験I wanted to meet someone who has

After some searching, I came across a video.

A certain Internet television program, in which a woman who is registered with the Universe Club answered an interview.

There was an episode of a woman who received a large amount of money, and I simply could not hide my surprise at the size of the amount.

I thought that if I had money, I could do whatever I wanted.

I didn't know for sure, but I felt endless possibilities, dreams, and hopes.

Interview at Universe Club

The interview was an unknown world for me, who had never done entertainment or night work, and it was nothing but fear.

When I opened the door, my heart was probably shortened.

In contrast to me, the staff of the Universe Club welcomed me with an exceptionally kind smile. (Somehow, if I write this well, it may sound like a lie, but it's true.)

The female staff at that time has been taking care of me since then.

When I went to the interview, another woman was there.

I was sitting across from him, and there was a big computer between him and me, so I couldn't see his face, but he said, "want to shapeI could only hear him saying,
I will omit the details of the interview (I will write another article if there is a request), but I will wait for the offer after completing the interview and registration like this.

My memory is vague, but the offer came at a fairly early stage.

 first offer 

The first offer came earlier than I expected.

"I got a new offer♪'

What was written there was the male member's club name, desired date and time, and meeting place.

Then check the date and time that fits your schedule and reply.
When I got the offer for the first time, I was happy with a slight sense of superiority that "I was chosen".

 And "what kind of personThere was also anxiety.

On the day of the date

On the day of the date, I will call you about the meeting place about 5 minutes before the time.

For the first time, I listen to the voice of the person I meet on that day.

I remember being really nervous when I called (laughs).

Papa live virgin

My papa katsu virgin was a little special, not an ordinary meal.

If I write in detail, it will be identified, so I can't specify it, but I think I'll just write it as an event.
It was my first time attending that event, but after that, I was able to enjoy it so purely that I fell in love with the people who were appearing at that event.

It was a feeling that I was talking with a very friendly person and having a normal date.

A strange feeling.

The difference is that you receive allowances in the name of transportation expenses, and there is a certain sense of distance that you meet with a club name instead of your real name.

Special dates were just that, and usually we would meet at a cafe in a luxury hotel and have lunch or dinner.


Most of the men I met at the Universe Club gave me an allowance of about 1 for meals when we first met.

The same was true for the person who made the first offer.
Some people put it in an envelope, while others handed me a small folded 1 yen with a handshake on my way home.

It was also handed out with a small card with a message written on it.

"Before I forget...There were many people who gave it to me as soon as I met them.

Impressions of Papa-katsu

I haven't counted how many people I've met, but I have a feeling it's going to be an unbelievable number.
I've never felt scared, but when I'm in such a closed room space when I'm new to karaoke or a car,I hate it...I honestly thought that.

But I have never once felt that I was in danger.

A Final Word

I would like to write about each of my encounters in other articles, so please continue to support me in the future.

It's been a year and a half since I started working as a dad.I had a long break in the middle, so I progressed slowly.I would like to share my experience with you.

Article by Aya

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