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Two characteristics of a woman that men instinctively seek!

Being attractive as a woman is essential for being a dad.
No matter how much the world shouts "gender equality", there is no such thing as gender equality in the Papa Katsu Market.
In the first place, women who insist on gender equality are not suitable for dad life.
What kind of women are they looking for?
In fact, the characteristics of women that men instinctively seek are roughly divided into only two.

sexually attractive woman

As you know, sexually attractive women are preferred.
Different men have their favorite types, but what they have in common is a woman with a naughty atmosphere.
This is due to the program of men's "I want to leave offspring".

It is often said that men want to have sex more when they are tired.
The desire to "leave offspring" is built in at the genetic level, and women with sex appeal have an advantage.

However, there are various types of sex appeal.
If you wear vulgar sex appeal that is just exposed, only a certain amount of men will come to you.

The recommended method is to be conscious of "imperfection".
A perfect woman has no sex appeal.
It is said that a woman who has a moderate gap will be accepted by a man, and it is true.
Men have a desire for protection, so please don't aim for a perfect woman.
In particular, men who are daddy activities have a strong desire to support women, so let's be cute and affectionate.

cozy woman

Some women find it useful just because it's comfortable.
This is because there is a sense of security that men will not be disturbed in their lives.
There are men in the world who do not divorce their wives even if they are sexless.
Some men do not divorce out of consideration for their relatives, but most men do not bother to divorce if they are comfortable.

Conversely, no matter how sexually attractive a woman is, she avoids a person who interferes with a man's life.
There are any number of alternatives.
A woman who can only have sex will eventually get bored.
Unfortunately, humans have a cruel feeling of “getting bored”.

To be a comfortable woman is to act like a man doesn't have to do anything.

For example, let's say you are in a space where you are alone with a man.
Wipe off the water droplets on the glass if you are drinking alcohol, pay attention to the air conditioning in the room, and hand over a towel if you use the shower.
However, it is vulgar to take away the staff's work at a high-end restaurant, so please refrain from doing so.

A woman with whom you can relax is the strongest

If you plan to continue being a dad for a long time, aim for a woman who can provide sexual attraction and comfort.
If you wear these, men will definitely be able to relax.

The key is to become a “good woman” for men.
In general, convenient women are avoided, but in the papa market, convenient women are in demand.
If you have a habit of questioning common sense on a daily basis, you can become a woman who is a bit different from other women.

Experienced as a receptionist, hostess, and chat lady.Based on my experiences, I write articles about men and women from various angles.

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