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"Why aren't you rusty"...?Rather, “immaturity ♡” is a too strong weapon for P-active girls!

The ones who are successful as dads are the wonderful girls with a high degree of perfection, aren't they?

The night before I became a daddy, I used to think like that before I started living as a mistress for two years.
This time, I will cut into this "established theory".


■ What is preferred in Japan is more than "high degree of perfection"...

(XNUMX) Perfection VS cuteness in the middle of growth

Interestingly, in Japan, rather than high perfection, veteran stable technology and dignity,Tendency to love cuteness and immaturity because they are still growingis stronglyNot in all cases, of course, but there are quite a few cases like this.

Imagine a work scene.
There is certainly a respect for such "high degree of perfection", such as "deliverables" that have been cultivated over many years and are unwavering in terms of quality and the person's own "presence".
However, at the same level, or perhaps even more, there are young people with less experience and less skills."Freshness" "Expansion"It's not uncommon for such a "growing up" figure to attract the public's attention and goodwill.

If you look around you, don't you think of a lot of examples such as fledgling singers, idols, celebrities, and high school baseball players who compete in Koshien?


(XNUMX) A good example is the female announcer

A popular occupation in the broadcasting industry, "Female announcer".This is also an easy-to-understand example.

If it is a general occupation, after joining the company, you should go through a lot of training and experience and finally go to the "site".
However, in the case of a female announcer,Mistakes due to lack of experience and cute and funny behavior are one of the "sales" that have gained citizenship..As the tea room welcomes it, it is natural that a new graduate female announcer will appear on the program in early April at the beginning of the fiscal year.And the female announcers who were once new faces, who have now become mid-level and veteran, are disappearing from the screen...

Originally, the more experience you accumulate, the more advantage you get, but the value decreases as you get older.These seemingly strange things are still happening in the world of female announcers.

And this phenomenon works in our civilian world as well.



■ Nurturing desires of older men

① What lies beyond their line of sight

Basically, men are creatures who want to stand on top.he is absolutely weaker than meA girl with little experience in life is a good "human resource" who can fulfill her desires..
It's kind of natural for a man who has reached a turning point in his life, who is socially successful to some extent and who has plenty of room in his heart and pocket, to turn his gaze to an "innocent girl".

Even if you look at the Papa Katsu app, you can see that kind of atmosphere or spirit everywhere.


(XNUMX) Men who “want to raise” seen on the app

"It's a small thing, but I want to support people who are working hard towards their dreams."

"Since I'm older than you, if possible, I'd like to try to improve the food and various social aspects of young women."

"I want to support a girl who seems to have a bright future."

The above sentences are all quoted from the Papa Katsu app. (I'm sending the words written by a male member directly ♡ lol)

What do you think?
The papa katsu market is occupied only by men who are looking for a successful papa katsu queen (like Ru*san) who is "outstandingly beautiful", "rolling older men", and "hundred battles". Then never.



■ A girl's "developing feeling" is the strongest weapon!

For the above reasons, I would like to tell you if there are girls who are shying away from dad activities based on their feelings that they are "not sophisticated" or "have no experience or confidence".

that isYou already have the strongest trump card to tickle a man who has a desire to grow!about it.

To all the girls who say "I'm not confident...", you actually have more weapons than you think, such as "freshness" and "strengthening" ♡



■ My case

Briefly, playback of my mistress days.

I was a super ordinary office worker who wasn't sophisticated, but my dad, who was 3 years (or more) older than me, complimented me every time he saw me.
From my appearance, to my gestures and the way I speak, they compliment me on everything, and if I say it feels good (laughs).Now that I think about it, hethat's how you led meI think

"You've grown a lot in the last few months."
A few months after we started dating, I remember very well that he happily said this line to me.surelyHe also said that he enjoyed the "immature woman's training game", I think I understand now.
(Only he knows if it was worth investing 500 million yen in this game...)



■ Summary

Only wonderful girls with a high degree of perfection are successful in dad activities.
Not at all!That's what I was talking about.

Equal chances.A person who correctly assesses his strengths and the needs of others, and those who have "unfounded confidence" will succeed.

The coronavirus is still raging these days, so please be careful when you are working as a dad.


In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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