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Do love hotels have spirits?Are you out of luck?

Hello, this is Kotoko Hinata, a love hotel critic.

Since the other day, I've had the privilege of writing a column at Universe.

Thank you 😊


Ms. Ueno of the love hotel has already answered various questions, but this time, Universe Club has conducted a questionnaire about love hotels for female members.

Thanks to the smart arrangement of the club, I will be able to answer the questions and questions that everyone has about love hotels.

This time, I will answer the following questions from such questions and questions.


[Content of your question]

Do love hotels have spirits?Are you out of luck?



This is a question from a woman in her early twenties who lives in Tokyo.

Aren't love hotels haunted?If I go, I wonder if my luck will go down...I know how it feels to think so.

In fact, there was a time when I used to check every hotel I went to for coverage on Oshima Teru.

In the unlikely event that the flame mark is attached, (I hope it's not the listed room number...!)


Spirits appear and luck declines

I will tell you from the conclusion first, love hotels have ghosts (probably), and there are times when luck goes down.

However, like Mr. Ueno of love hotels, I have visited many love hotels around the country, but I have never seen a ghost.

As for luck, I think it all depends on the man I went with.

Generally, when I feel like my luck has gone down since I went to that hotel, it's when I had a fight with the man I went with, or when I didn't have much fun.

How are you all doing?


Do spirits really exist?

As for the spirit, there is no doubt that it is a place where various passions swirl, so it seems that so-called negative energy may be staying.

Personally, I think that ``ghosts don't exist, there are only energy bodies such as residual thoughts,'' so I think it's possible to call those energy bodies spirits. I think it's nonsense to verify the existence, so I'd like to talk concretely.

---What the questioner probably wants to know is "What should I do if there is a spirit at a love hotel?"

I think what both of them have in common is "how to protect yourself from negative energy".


How to cleanse yourself/self-defense method

In the world, there is a wide variety of information that can be found immediately by searching on the Internet, such as "how to purify yourself" and "how to get rid of evil spirits".

I'm sure you've all heard of things like taking a salt bath, licking coarse salt, or throwing coarse salt on your left shoulder when you come home from home.

If you are living a life with a high affinity for spiritual things and fortune, you may be wearing a power stone breath that you bought at a spiritual salon in Kamakura, or carrying a bag of salt. You may have your own self-defense laws.

I also carry the rosary that my master gave me, and when I have trouble falling asleep at a love hotel, I sometimes wear it around my neck or just hold it in my hand.


But if you go to a love hotel and think some kind of evil spirit has haunted you, don't worry!

Spirits (energy bodies) tend to be attracted to things of the same wavelength, so if you are bright, happy and healthy, the negative spirits will eventually give up and leave.

Even if you try to do something bad and possess it, if the other person doesn't take any damage, there's nothing you can do about it.

In my opinion, the best thing to do is "don't worry about it".

Even so, there are times when I've come back from an interview and my left shoulder has been stiff for a week.

In such a case, I try to bathe until I'm satisfied, imagining that I'm soaking in the bathtub and sweating out, and the negative energy that is attached to me along with the sweat is going out through the pores.

Adding salt makes me sweat more and makes me feel cleansed.

Come to think of it, "Oise-san Purification Spray" is also available online for around 1100 yen.The size is convenient to carry around.

Quote: [Oise-san] Official Online Shop


As for luck, it depends on who you go with

As for luck, as mentioned above, I think it depends a lot on who you go with, but as an alternative, you can also go to a hotel with good luck.

If I end up in a hotel in a bad direction, I wear my old underwear and throw it away.

This is a method of using old underwear as a substitute for yourself and not being affected by bad directions.

Even if it's not underwear, socks or stockings are OK.

It can be used not only for bad directions, but also for warding off bad luck.


If you are interested, please try it.

Manga artist, columnist, love hotel critic.I got the chance to write a column for Universe this time because I worked on the management side of the dating club.We will consider dad activities from various angles such as various things related to love and sex, poverty, unmarried, gender, etc.We are also looking for dad life episodes from everyone!Please comment.

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