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It is important to understand the essence of dad life.

Don't be dazzled by immediate money

The number of women in the world who are working as fathers has increased.

That's right, the more I have, the more I feel about daddy life, and the more values ​​I have.

That's why I think it's the right thing to do if every woman who wants to become a father has her own way of thinking about it, and there's no need to just do what someone tells you to do.

Therefore, what I'm going to talk about here is just my personal opinion, my way of thinking, and how I approach my life as a father.

So I'm not saying this is the correct answer. (Please read this assuming you understand this)

Too many women think that being a dad is all about immediate money.

Is that really the essence of being a dad?That's what I kept thinking.

It is true that some women have contracts with very good treatment.

There are children who receive a ridiculous amount of allowance even though they have never met their father, and I have actually witnessed such children.

To be honest, when I first started working as a dad a few years ago, I was jealous of that and thought, ``Maybe I could make more money.''

However, while working as a father, I hit a wall.

It's a sense of self-satisfaction.

Certainly, considering my current situation, it's not a bad contract, and I can live anywhere I like, easily buy what I want, and eat my favorite foods every day.

But when that becomes the norm, I don't feel satisfied.

It is often said that human greed is bottomless, but it really is.

What's wrong?I asked myself this question.

Is that really all there is to being a dad?That's right.

In the first place, the men I meet while working as a father are people I would never meet in my daily life.

It would be a shame to dismiss him as someone who is rich.

Am I going to live as a dad for the rest of my life?No, that's not my intention, and I feel that way, but the older you get, the more you'll feel that there's a limit to how high you can make yourself look.

Maybe I don't understand the essence of being a dad?That's what I thought.

To be honest, my current life would not be possible without Papa-katsu, and if I quit Papa-katsu, I would be bankrupt within three months.

After all, once people become accustomed to luxury, they find it difficult to lower their standard of living, right? About two years ago, I started thinking about it a lot. (Perhaps it's just in time for the coronavirus.)

Don't you have to look to the future by starting some business or getting a job?I started thinking that.

The more I think about it, the more I reveal that I don't have those skills, and the more negative I become.

Ah, isn't it best to use Papakatsu?I started thinking.

It is true that dad-katsu is a relationship that is built on women receiving allowances and providing services.

You can find something you want to do on your own, or use Dad-Katsu to actually make what you want to do happen.

Isn't this really the true essence of being a dad?That's what I started to think.

Because it's easy to meet men you wouldn't normally meet through dad-hunting.

And as part of being a dad, I am in a position where I can talk to my dad about anything.

Besides, I'm always with Papa during his private time.

If this were a normal sales job, what would you think?Is there anyone who would take a chance like this?Of course, there are limits.

So, it's not like I'm going to force myself to approach my dad.

People always tell me that I'm meeting with my dad.

I said, ``Don't you have any dreams or things you want to do? I can always help you.''

I always ignored these words, misunderstanding them as ``Do you want to do some hobbies with me?'' or ``Are you saying this because you wanted to create a common topic?''

I'm sure some women who are active fathers have been told the same thing.

If you find something you want to do, wouldn't you like to be in an environment where you can immediately help?I thought, isn't this a great opportunity?That's what I thought.

If you focus on immediate allowances, you'll end up neglecting such important consideration from your father.

Maybe a woman who understands the essence of being a father would run a cafe?Are you planning to open a nail salon?It was all thanks to my dad's help.

When I think about it, what kind of time was I wasting?That's what I thought.

After all, you can easily use it like that in Papakatsu.

Indeed, I know many girls who wanted to become models, moved to Tokyo to pursue their dreams, and started working as fathers.

I also know children who started working as fathers because they wanted to go to university overseas.

When I think about it now, I can see that all of these things can be seen as making up for the missing parts in my life plan for the future by working as a father.

If I were to run a business, the bank wouldn't lend me money because they wouldn't trust me.

However, if you're a dad, your dad might support you and help you.

Even if you lack management know-how, there is a possibility that your father will teach you from scratch.

When you think about it, don't you think being a dad is amazing?I began to see this as a job that was a privilege for women.

This kind of thing would be unthinkable in a male occupation.

So, I immediately consulted my father.

Then he simply said, ``Are you sure you want to do this?If it's a cafe, you can do it right away.There are vacant tenants.''

Besides, he also said this.

``You don't need to pay rent at all, and if you're serious about it, Daddy will help you.It's true that 〇〇-chan's future is uncertain.''

What on earth have I been doing as a dad for several years?I realized that I shouldn't do anything without understanding the essence.

However, I also think that it is still too early for me to become a manager.

So, I told my dad that I wanted to learn business management at a subsidiary company that my dad was managing and then move up from there.

This is because I believe that no matter how risk-free it is, nothing is more expensive.

I want everyone to know that there are many ways to use dad-katsu, and I don't want people to waste a few years just trying to get an immediate allowance.

I want them to realize that there are so many opportunities that come their way when they are working as dads, and I don't want them to miss out on them.


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