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How much do you want to withdraw if you earn as a daddy?


How much do you want to withdraw if you earn as a daddy?





Thank you very much for your question.

Perhaps the questioner asked, "If you earn more than 100 million yen a month, you will be deducted." I think you are worried.

However, the reality is quite the opposite.

No matter what the parties think, from a social point of view, dad activity is nothing more than a mistress contract.And since physical relationships are intervening in most cases, it can't be helped that the world sees them as "selling their bodies."

Now let's ask the questioner.

Suppose there are two AV actresses here.Both have appeared in AV with similar content and are hitting out similar sales.

However, the gala is completely different.

Mr. A appears for 5000 million yen per film, but Mr. B receives only XNUMX yen per film. If both A and B are satisfied with their wages, who do you dislike more, A or B?

Perhaps you will have a stronger disgust for Mr. B.

Mr. B must be crazy to sell his body for "a mere XNUMX yen."Is Mr. B so incompetent that he cannot live without doing so?Is he an idiot who doesn't understand the value of things at all?I think that I have such a feeling of disgust towards Mr. B.

On the other hand, Mr. A has won an exceptional guarantee as an AV.Rather than feeling disgust toward Mr. A, you may have a certain kind of respect.

The same is true for dad life.

Leaving aside the question of whether it is legally good or bad, there is no doubt that dad life is not a little guilty.However, I have no intention of denying the act of papa-katsu itself, as long as I have to earn money even if I do such a shameful thing.

But if you're doing something you're guilty of doing for the sake of money, it won't make sense unless you at least earn it.

If I heard that he earns 1000 million yen every month through his dad life, I would have a certain respect for him.

However, if there is a woman who earns only 5000 yen every month even though she is a daddy, I think I will pull back.

“Even though I acted to be shunned by the public for money, can I only earn that much?”
"Did you start working as a dad for only 5000 yen?"
"Did you accept sex with a disgusting old man for 5000 yen?"

So if there is an amount to be deducted, it will be too cheap.On the contrary, if you are earning hundreds of millions, there is no doubt that you will at least respect it.

However, there is no doubt that the activity of “papa katsu” itself is not a little guilty, so regardless of the amount of money, not talking about it will not be the most discouraged.

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