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A day of jumping over gravel, curbs and hurdles

The gravel road is difficult to walk.It makes noise and you might fall over if you wear heels.

Day in and day out, I am buried in obligations and responsibilities, staring at the sky as gray as the gravel.

I thought they were the same all along.

I thought the sky would never clear up.

I thought this was correct.

I thought everyone was.

One day when I was walking while feeling that it was difficult to walk and live.

The sky suddenly cleared.

I could see a curb just beyond the gravel, and there was no gravel ahead.

curb crossing day

A woman is smiling against a soft, milky background.

Strictly confidential, you can get to know gentleman members.

A member with a certain identity.

The unknown world was spreading.

My heart fluttered.

Should I just register on the site?

At that moment, I was stepping over the curb.


Beyond the curb was a soft lawn.

I gently took off my shoes.

The cool grass was too comfortable for my body that was burning for no reason.

I got a call.

Connect with a man in a world you never knew before

My body tingled with a fresh sensation.

I bought new shoes.

Did you notice my burning sensation?

The store clerk said this.

"Are you on a special outing?"

I just answered yes and went out to buy the shoes.

The sun was too bright that day.

The night before you meet.Looking at the new shoes at the entrance,The moment I was about to go back to my room.

okay?really good?said a voice.

What is hesitating about at this stage?he wanted himself.

complain?Those things will come up everywhere.

In fact, it's dizzyingly boring and cramped.

You just felt like you couldn't stand it, didn't you?

But what is this confusion?

After all the dissatisfaction and cramped conditions, it seems that they registered because the sun was shining.

A feeling of hesitation like a crashing wave

I slammed the glass door behind me to shake it off.

Hurdle in front of you

An ordinary morning came.After one night,Mystery and hesitation were gone.

I thought the tension would continue, butSurprisingly, this morning was dominated by a calm mind.

I got there a little early.This is due to the nature of not being able to make the other party wait.

The moment I grasped the handle of the bag again and again, I suddenly looked up.

"Are you Samami?" said a voice.

The man standing in the soft sunlight was just like the one in the photo.

With a slender body that suits well,The man with the glasses walked straight towards me.

At that moment, I wanted to know more about this person.

I want you to know me too.I want to understandI want to understand

And I wanted to fall in love with you.

moved to the cafe.Sit facing each other and introduce yourself first.

he does creative work.Independent from work and freelance for a while.

After that, I hired people and reached the present.

Because of my work, I can create free time.

He had a girlfriend, but due to the busyness at the time of independence, he passed each other and broke up.

My work got on track, and when I noticed there was no one next to me.

Loneliness grows in such a situation,He told me that he registered on the site.

I told you my position.

Wanting a break from everyday duties and responsibilities.

You want a place where you can breathe easily.

Until last night I was very confused, but now that I see you,that hesitation is gone.

At the end of the conversation, he looked at my feet and said,

"I feel spring. These are cute shoes."

"It suits you well."

Even if I didn't say it myself, there were people who noticed.

As a woman, the clothes and shoes I wear are part of who I am.

Even if you don't compliment meCompliments my shoes.

It's the same as looking at myself and praising me.

I felt that there was a mysterious power in his calm gaze.

I am now meeting someone who would have only passed by me.

And it's more than an acquaintance.

It's not a one-time relationship, it may continue in the future

A relationship with a future.

"Let's go out," he said suddenly.

"Yes," I replied.

We left the store and entered the narrow alley from the main street.

The day I crossed the hurdle

While walking side by side, we talked about hobbies, likes and dislikes.

At this stage, it will be a relationship that can be built in the workplace, acquaintances, and other human relationships.

But we are different.More stepping is required.

After he had finished speaking, he began:

“Are there any conditions? How much, how often, what you want me to do, what you don’t like.”

"I'll leave it to you," he replied.


When I hesitated, he replied,

"I understand. Your position.You should defend your position firmly.I promise. ”

"Is it really okay?" I asked.

"It's okay. Do I look that dangerous? (laughs)"

I thought it was good to meet this person.

I walked further along the narrow road in the sunshine.

The distance was getting shorter with each step.

Even when I touched it, it was natural.

We melted in the spring sunshine.


My first dad was a tall gentleman.

They met once or twice a month and confirmed their feelings for each other.

I got your feelings.

I tried my best to reciprocate his kindness.I was happy

Shortness of breath had disappeared.

Two years have passed since that gentle spring day.

Spring is not over for us who are still good friends.


My name is Samami.I live in a cold area and am a lonely person who always seeks the warmth of people.Daddy's life history is short.But the experience of jumping into an unknown world is the color of my life.

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