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cultural dating recommendations

Hello everyone

It's sudden, but what kind of date do you have with your daddy?

Is it common to have tea, meals, or socialize in your room?
If you're invited to go shopping, you'll be fine...♪ On the other hand, I absolutely refuse to travel for long periods of time!
I think most people are like that.

From around 2018, I started dad activity with apps etc.
I have met various dads in 5 years and have been on many dates.

"Cultural Date"

I think there are a lot of people who are wondering what the hell is going on.
I would like to write a column based on why "cultural dating" is recommended and its advantages and disadvantages.

Defining “Cultural Dating”…

My idea of ​​cultural dating is

・Watching sports
・Live music
・Art galleries and museums
・Visiting historical facilities such as Buddhist temples, etc.

What do you think?
I think there are some people who say, "I've done it before."

Originally it is not such a special family,
For some reason, my family often visited art exhibitions since I was little.

Perhaps because of that trend, for no particular reason, I went on dates like the one I mentioned above with my dad.
It's been quite popular, and I've had many long-lasting experiences with my dad who went on a "cultural date" once.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages while looking back on past dates, why it lasted so long.

The Benefits of “Cultural Dating”…

① Time passes without much conversation

Honestly, after many dates, you may run out of things to talk about, right?
Revealing my personal information is risky, so I can't even talk about work or school,
However, if I stay silent, I feel bad when I hear dirty jokes that I don't want to hear... (laughs)

If you're watching a movie or watching a stage play, talking during the performance itself is bad manners, so you don't have to talk! ! !
In addition, you can discuss your impressions after watching, so you don't have to think about what to talk about! ! !

②Since the seats are arranged side by side, you don't have to worry about it all the time.

We ate at a cafe or restaurant for two hours, and spent the entire time talking face to face...
Of course, you have to be careful about your partner's chewing sounds and eating etiquette.
That's a tough time, right?

Imagine a cultural date situation.
Whether it's a movie theater or a stage theater, the seats are next to each other!
If you take a VIP seat, the seat width is spacious and the best!

③ It will be a great activity and a story

Watching live performances and watching sports is something out of the ordinary, so it's perfect for posting on SNS such as Instagram!
(Depending on the area of ​​activity) Recently, there are many high-brand exhibitions,
If you are a fashion-loving dad, you can use it as a story to connect with shopping.

In fact, I told him, "I'm going to buy clothes for a date to see XX."
I have experience of receiving allowances a little more than usual (laughs)

④ Being able to convey impressions and gratitude that “I wanted to go there once” + giving a sense of superiority as “first time”

Even if you don't have much interest in the stage, say "I wanted to go once" or "I saw it for the first time".
You can stimulate daddy's sense of superiority by conveying your emotions and gratitude!

So-called loss of virginity?
Since no one feels bad about receiving "Hajimete",
I think it would be nice to spice it up by saying, "I'm offering a 'first time'" like that (laughs).

⑤ You can spend positive time that leads to your own experience and knowledge

From 4 hours when you normally eat and accompany you to your room,
Don't you think 4 hours touring historical sites is much more profitable?

Furthermore, there are few children who go on dates like this, so it is easy to impress daddy,
I think the possibility of leading to repeat will also go up a lot.

Disadvantages of “Cultural Dating”…

① Anyway, it takes time!

It may not be a problem for those who usually go on dates for 2-3 hours,
If you are a style of doing dad activities after work or school, it may be a date for 1 to 2 hours
I hear that there are some people who will only drink tea for 30 minutes if they are unskilled.
From such a person, it will be a date that takes time anyway.

For that amount, it would be nice if it was a dad who could negotiate and willingly accept it,
If you negotiate, the relationship may be cut off, so you need to be careful and give a good reason.

② Expenses such as ticket fees are higher than usual!

Music concerts are up to 10,000 yen, and stage performances are up to 20,000 yen.
Of course, the burden on the father will increase, so you need to be careful there as well.

Show that you're looking forward to it, thank you for taking me with you even if it's boring, etc.
Let's try to make them think, "It cost money, but I'm glad they were happy."

③ It is difficult to change the schedule because you need to purchase tickets in advance!

I'm very aware that it's a bad thing, but on rainy days or when I'm not feeling well,
I think there are days when I want to postpone today's date for another day.

If you were planning a cultural date only on such a day,
I bought tickets in advance, and there were only performances on that day in the first place.
A number of things can make it difficult to change plans.

It is best not to change the date schedule as much as possible,
Of course, if you can't go, you can specify another day,
It is necessary to pay attention to details such as "Let me make up for it next time."

④ I can't go unless it's something my dad is interested in!

In my case, at the face-to-face meeting and the second or third date,
Try to raise the topic lightly, such as "Watch about 〇〇 on TV the other day" or "Advertise on the train".
I was trying to figure out if I would be addicted to my dad's interests.

"Have you ever been to see a play like this?"
“Are there any singers you were into?”

By actively asking questions from here,
You can get a favorable impression that "this child is interested in me",
Since you can know about your interests, you can also search for topics after that.

Of course, it is also important to take notes on what you hear.
And when you go on a date next time, you can bring it up as a topic, saying, "This is the XX that I was told about last time."
"I remembered, I think I'll have fun with you," further boosted her favorability★

What do you think?
Don't you think that "cultural dating" is unexpected?

As we approached the second half of May and the number of hot days gradually increased,
Please enjoy such a dad activity date where you can cool down, have fun, and experience new things indoors♪

See you in the next column.


I will write about how Arasa Papa Katsu Girls met a wonderful man, tips and things to keep in mind to succeed not only in Daddy activities but also in private life.I hope that my article will enrich someone's life as a father and eventually as a woman.

Article by Kazuha

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