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Glasses are the strongest tool that you can feel free to make a makeover ♡

Today we will talk about glasses.If you hate glasses as much as Tetsuya Komuro hates fish, turn around and go home!

Advantages of glasses XNUMX: You look neat and intelligent

When it comes to eyeglasses, the image of "looking serious" and "looking smart" will never change.
Even with the same face, the impression changes depending on whether or not you are wearing glasses.

If you're worried that someone might think you're flirtatious or flashy, why don't you try wearing glasses on a date?I'm sure men will think, "Oh, it's nice to have a different impression than usual."

In addition, the behavior pattern of "contact lenses when outside, glasses at home" is imprinted in modern people, so there is an image that wearing glasses in front of people = showing your heart to that person, showing your openness. hey.

In addition, I personally do not recommend under rims. "Neat" and "intelligent" come before "otaku-ish" and "dull".It's the same with putting hair in the vine.Please stop.

Advantages of glasses (XNUMX) An event occurs that makes you imagine, "What would this person look like without glasses?"

On a personal note, when I was in Papua University, there was a really cool professor.He was in his mid-40s, married and had children, but he was a good-looking teacher who looked good with square-frame intellectual glasses.
I secretly loved him, so I sent him a passionate look during the lecture, but at the same time"I wonder what this teacher would look like if he took off his glasses..."I was so excited.
By the way, when I was assigned to a seminar, I had plenty of chances to choose his seminar,"I don't want people to think I like you by choosing a seminar!"There is a terrible past that I didn't choose it for a very disgusting reason.My heart is a virgin boy Papwa♡

The appeal of people who wear glasses lies in the "room for imagination."
Just as a man fantasizes about the nakedness of a woman he wants to hold (sorry for the nasty analogy), there is room for the spectacle wearer to fantasize about the state in which the glasses are removed.

In general, there are three situations where people who wear glasses take off their glasses: "when wiping," "when taking a bath," and "when sleeping."Apart from wiping, the latter two are associated with "nude" and "sex".
The more you wear glasses, the stronger your imagination becomes.

Advantages of eyeglasses ③ [especially women] remembered by "people who wear glasses"

This is especially true for women who don't wear glasses all the time, but for the time being, when you meet someone for the first time, you can remember them as "people who wear glasses."
If you imagine your workplace or school, there are many men who wear glasses, but few women.This is especially true in workplaces where women are prohibited from wearing glasses, such as receptionists.

So, even if nothing else leaves an impression (sorry), women are remembered as "that woman with glasses" just by wearing glasses.If you have a hobby like "Actually, I like heavy metal" or "Actually, I like sports cars" as a plus alpha, you can quickly create a gap moe.

Dating clubs leave an even stronger impression.
In the first place, there are no women who wear glasses even when shooting.
If the main photo displayed at the top is wearing glasses, that alone will make an impression.Even if a guy isn't your type — like, "Why is he wearing glasses?"

If the man does not access the profile, the event of "offering" will not occur, and before that, there is no way to know the age, occupation, bust size, and staff comments.
"Is anything good as long as I have access to my profile?" "I'm different and I'm wearing glasses" is probably the most elegant way to invite you to visit my profile.

[Prejudiced] Differences in how to give an impression by eyeglass frame

Oval type (oval type)

This type of frame gives a soft impression to men and women of all ages.
However, I personally have the image that it is worn by a quiet elementary school girl, so if a person with a baby face and a simple impression wears an oval type, it may give an unsophisticated impression at once.
I also have a rather potatoy face, so I will never buy this frame.
It gives a dignified impression when worn by a woman with a neat egg-shaped outline.
This frame is recommended for people with a centripetal face and a high nose bridge.

Round type (close to a perfect circle)

A frame type that Go Ayano seems to wear.Over the past few years, it has become popular as fashionable glasses, and celebrities, city boys, and girls are all starting to wear them.
However, the charm of this round type is that there are many variations in the color and pattern of the frame and the color of the lens, so if you really want to wear round glasses, go to an optician and look for a frame that suits your face. I think it's fun to watch.

However, in the case of a dating club, considering that there are many men who prefer black hair to blonde hair and neat rather than flashy, it is not recommended to suddenly wear this fashionable flashy round frame in the setting of the first meeting.It would be a good idea to wear glasses once in a while after you get to know them, or post a photo of yourself wearing glasses in the selfie section of your profile to appeal in advance.

Boston type (slightly rounded trapezoid with long top or inverted triangle)

Frame type worn by Daisuke Miyagawa.By the way, the brand of glasses he often wears is Effector.
It is very similar to the oval type, but the Boston type has a slightly sharper impression and can create a sophisticated atmosphere.
Although I say this, it's a frame type that doesn't look sexy, so it's safer to avoid wearing it on a date at a dating club.In other words, the Boston type is a little rough for a woman to wear.

Square type (square shape close to rectangle)

Frame type worn by Tomohito Yashima.Gives a sharp and intelligent impression.Perfect for a slick assistant in a trivia fountain.Papua also loves this frame.
However, if you have a long face, it may emphasize the length of your face, so we do not recommend it;
It's not fashionable, so I think it's unsatisfactory for people who want to show their individuality with eyeglass frames, but it's elegant, so it goes well with public places, luxury hotels, and anywhere.

Wellington type (relatively square shape)

Frame type worn by Shingo Fujimori and Gal Sone.
It doesn't look as unique as the round type, but it doesn't look too solid like the square type.
However, the frame is often bulky, and when paired with women's fashion, it tends to give an impression of clattering.In the case of women, I think that there are many men who wear this when they are relaxing in their pajamas after taking off their contact lenses at the hotel rather than using it on a daily basis.

Teardrop type (shaped like a drop of tears)

The frame type that Dr. Takasu wears when riding a helicopter.When you think of Ray-Ban sunglasses and Ivan sunglasses, many people probably think of their shape.
This is definitely a sunglasses frame rather than a regular eyeglass frame.
There are also teardrop-shaped "glasses", but the impression is that they are exaggerated.
I think it would be fashionable to wear teardrop sunglasses when driving with your dad in a convertible or cruising.

Brow type (a shape that looks like an eyebrow with an accent at the top of the frame)

I'm sorry, but this frame type is not recommended for women.
There is an image that the Showa uncle often hung.I feel that old middle-aged men who appear in news footage usually wear this type of glasses.
Ah!I looked it up and it's Kotaro Yoshida.If the person who wears it hangs it, it will look stylish.I'm sorry.
that's all.

Fox type (design with both ends of the frame suspended)

This is what Ayame Goriki wore when she was dating Zozotown.
If you wear this on a daily basis, there is a high possibility that you will be shunned because it is too unique, but it is very important for unusual situations such as dating overseas (like Ayame Goriki), going out at night clubs, etc. I think it's a frame that makes you shine.
There is an image that the fox type does not suit people with round faces, but Oliver Goldsmith's Sophia glasses are also cute and highly recommended.

Glasses that enable casual makeovers

In this article, we have introduced the charm of glasses, but there are many ways to change your look, such as "dyeing your hair", "daring to go for short hair", "trying to change the style of clothing", etc.
Among them, "wearing glasses" is the strongest method because you can change the impression without much effort, and if it is unpopular, you can remove it in front of the person.

If you are a woman with a dad who has been dating for a long time, why not try wearing your favorite glasses among the ones introduced this time on your next date?

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