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Dating clubs aren't the place to go when you're really struggling financially.How to raise money temporarily [Part XNUMX]

In the first part, I introduced several ways to deal with financial stress (if not, when money is tight this month).

However, I don't think that the number of women who want to earn money at once by working as a dad will not decrease.

Therefore, in [Part XNUMX], I would like to raise "concerns about financially tight women using papa-katsu apps and dating clubs."

If you are a woman who thinks that you can easily live as a dad without money, please read the following and reconsider.If you still want to do it, I won't stop you.



In the case of the dad activity app-the risk of getting involved in troubles and crimes rises sharply

If you don't have money, you won't be able to afford not only your wallet but also your heart.
How about using the Papa Katsu app in such an unhealthy state of mind?

First, male profiles look different than they do when you have money to spare.

“He is a practicing doctor in Minato Ward. I think he has an annual income of about 1 million yen.”
"I'm often told that I'm a gentleman. My favorite car is a Lamborghini, and my annual income is higher than anyone else's (laughs)."
“As long as you eat with me, I’m satisfied.

It's a sentence full of feelings like "Women like this kind of thing, right?"
Normally, I would ignore the above-mentioned sentences thinking, "That's a fake profile."

"The profile I saw on the app is completely different from the actual one!"
I know this kind of thing is ridiculous in the case of women.It's about whether she's changed her face into a different person, or whether a support delivery company will come and take her money. (It's bad enough)

But for men, things are a little different.A man's libido is stronger than a woman thinks.And there is also physical strength that is far beyond the power of women. (If you are using Facebook, please search by entering "encounter" or "LINE ID" in the search window. You can see an interesting scene.)

I said I would give you 10 if you went to the hotel, but I didn't get anything.
While saying "have lunch at an Italian restaurant", it was just a family restaurant, and when I asked for transportation expenses, they shouted at me.
I was handed a pocket bag with 5 yen in it, but when I got home and opened it, there was a thick memo pad inside.

These events, which are mainly reported on Twitter along with the anger of women, are all about women's desire to "want money, want to earn money by working as a dad" and men's desire to "dating with young women cheaply or for free". It is a tragedy that arises from the desire to suck up in an illegal way.

This is enough of a tragedy, but if it develops further, it will become "forced sexual intercourse," "investment fraud," and even "murder."
Don't you think that women's sexual assault and the murders that come from it are fires on the other side of the river?
“A woman is found dead at a love hotel.” Such incidents are usually triggered by dating sites or matching apps.Such was the case with the death of a 16-year-old girl at a hostel in Kotobuki-cho and the case of a fallen warrior in Ibaraki.



Papa Katsu app is a crucible of beasts!Hungry sheep are targeted...

“Looks and youth have little to do with being financially comfortable.” This is a special environment for men’s status.
Another feature is that the number of women is overwhelmingly large unlike ordinary dating sites.
You can decorate as many as you want, such as SNS sentences.I don't know why.

A heart that is in a hurry due to lack of money narrows the field of view.I would like you to use the dad activity app with a relaxed mindset of "I'm lucky if I can add something to my usual living expenses".



In the case of a dating club ~ you can't go on a date without money

Compared to an app with a wide variety of men, the risk of being in danger at a dating club full of wealthy men is much lower (although not zero).
Instead, women should dress appropriately even in luxury hotels and restaurants.
It's not just the places that are visible, such as clothes and makeup.It takes time and effort to care for bad breath and waste hair, but let's put them aside for now and talk about clothes and makeup.

As a test, search for “One Piece Ladies” on Rakuten Ichiba. When I sorted them in order of "lowest price", there were some dresses under 1,000 yen.However, if you want to buy clothes that you can wear to such hotels and restaurants, such as the Marriott Associa Hotel and the Imperial Hotel, and won't be seen as "cheesy" by people around you or by men, you need to spend at least 2,500 yen. I need it.If it's less than that, you'll only have a loose dress that hides your body shape, or a cheap mini dress that even the prostitutes at the end of the street won't wear.

Some women may argue that "men don't look at clothes."
"The clothes were like elementary school students", "I was withered by tight hair", "I was embarrassed to be with sneakers" are all opinions that I actually saw in the men's survey.
The comparison target is not the women around you, but the women who are also in the dating club.When you think about it, it's honestly tough to do dating club activities in the state of "I don't have clothes and I don't have money."

When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you

A man pays a price that is never cheap to meet with you.
What if a woman with messy hair, no makeup, cheap clothes, and sneakers appears?If you do poorly, your character and humanity will be questioned.
Of course, there are many reasons behind the lack of money, but the world of dating clubs isn't so sweet that a woman who can't afford to pay for clothes can become Cinderella.Because there are many beautiful people.
It's cruel, but when you're thinking, "I wish I could meet a man who would give me a lot of money," men are also thinking, "I wish I could meet a decent and beautiful woman."

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