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Dating clubs aren't the place to go when you're really struggling financially.How to raise money temporarily [Part XNUMX]

people with no common sense

Two years ago Yahoo!At the beginning of a news article, "It's safe because there's no fire... it's not! How to prevent fires from electric stoves and electric kotatsu?"

“Among the various types of heating appliances, electric stoves and electric kotatsu are often thought to be safe because they do not use fire. It seems that there is ”

When I saw this sentence, I laughed and said, "It's going to be a fire!", but it seems that this society really thinks that electric stoves are safe because they don't use fire. It seems that there are layers.

Common sense doesn't work, or rather, there are a certain number of people who are "not enough", and unfortunately this is sometimes confirmed in the world of dating clubs.Anonymous question boxes are a large number of observation sites, such as "people who ask questions about what is written on the site", "sleepwalkers who are fighting an invisible enemy from the beginning", and "people who cannot read long sentences and kanji". ” and so on.

It's already been two years ago, but in the question box
"Last year I quit my job and was in financial trouble, so I searched and found this site. I've been told that my features are cute and beautiful, but to be honest, I don't even have the money to take care of myself right now. I'm 40. I'm old, but I look like I'm in my late twenties to thirties without makeup. I don't wear fancy clothes, so I'm going to look rough, but is there any chance that I'll pass the interview? I'm really at a loss.
A question has been posted.

I also added the phrase "I've gained weight and can't wear the clothes I have."

From the beginning to the end of the article, it was full of tsukkomi, and I almost sighed as if this was a symbol of the poverty of Japanese society. (Of course, there are many people who are working hard but are still in poverty.)
However, many years after compulsory education, there are still people who do not fully understand public assistance and how society works.

It's not at the level of not being able to buy branded items or not being able to go on trips. Not a dating club.I personally think that a dad activity app is out of the question.



Public system "welfare protection" for people whose income is less than the minimum living expenses

The welfare system isIf it is difficult to make a living even if you mobilize all of your savings, assets such as land and cars, the ability to work, pensions, and help from relatives.available for

In addition to living assistance such as food and utility bills, medical assistance for medical expenses,
I was surprised to hear that there are also childbirth assistance and funeral assistance.

You can consult and apply at your local welfare office (or at the town or village office if there is no such office) to complete the necessary procedures.
When you apply for public assistance, your income, relatives, and whether or not you can work will be investigated.

Honestly, if you are in a state where you can work, the chances of receiving it are extremely low.Isn't this person an eligible recipient from the perspective of the general public?It is a constant occurrence since the welfare system was established that such people are kicked out by the so-called "border measures".
However, if you can't see the future even if you work, or if you don't have a suitable job opening, I recommend that you go to apply without hesitation.



Unemployment insurance covers living expenses from unemployment to re-employment

Many women lost their jobs in this situation.
The eligibility conditions are below. The case of “voluntary resignation” and “company-involuntary resignation” differ.

・Conditions for receiving unemployment insurance (in the case of voluntary retirement)
<If you resigned for a valid reason>
You have been insured by employment insurance for 1 months or more in the year before the date of separation from employment.
<If you resigned for a voluntary reason>
Have been insured for 2 months or more in the two years before the date of separation from employment

In addition, "justifiable reasons" in "retirement for justifiable reasons" refer to cases in which commuting or work becomes difficult due to accompanying a spouse on a job transfer, caring for a family member, illness, etc.

・Conditions for receiving unemployment insurance (in the case of retirement at the discretion of the company)
You have been insured by employment insurance for 1 months or more in the year before the date of separation from employment.

Apply for a job at Hello Work in your area. Allowances will be paid after a one-week waiting period.



I don't need to use the public system, but money is tight this month!What do you do when that happens?

It's not enough to use the welfare and unemployment insurance introduced above, but money is tight this month!I want some money in my pocket!I think there are people who say.

For those people, I recommend the following:
Find out more about each method.Unlike the public system, no explanation is necessary here.
While surpassing the following methods (especially bundle cards and credit cards), register with Universe Club, wait for offers, and pay bills with the allowances you receive.that would be nice.
・Using a postpaid card such as "Bundle Card" or "Paidy" (recommended)
・Use a credit card
・Search for and purchase daily necessities and food items with “Mercari Payment After Delivery”
・Find a job that pays by day
・Sell branded items at a pawn shop (Some places will buy unbranded clothes as long as they are in good condition. For 100 yen or so...)

When I brought a Marc Jacobs SNAPSHOT that I bought at a major pawn shop for about 7,000 yen, it was priced at about 10,000 yen.
Are you stocking up on branded bags just because you bought them?If you're not good at it, you can buy it for more than you put on Mercari, so it's a good idea to take advantage of it.

It should be noted that it is illegal to convert credit card shopping slots into cash because it constitutes the crime of embezzlement. If you search for "credit card cashing", you'll find credit card cashing sites with faces like "we're not illegal", but if you use it, it's a rope.Even if it doesn't go that far, it's a serious violation of the terms with the credit card company, so the card will be suspended and one of the "options for paying this month" will disappear, so I want you to stop it.


[For women who already have a dad at a dating club] When you want to ask your dad to borrow an advance (but last resort?)

Some women who already have a father may consider asking a man to borrow an advance.
Despite the headline ↑, Papua has never asked for an advance.Of course, there are times when I'm a bit short on money for this month, but I think it's because I've never been so tight that I have to ask for an advance payment for this!

When borrowing money from a bank or consumer finance, you often have to pay an annual interest rate of 14.0% to 18.0%. low sex.

However, when borrowing money from acquaintances, if you do not do what you should say properly, your relationship with the lender will deteriorate.

"Advance borrowing" basically means "I'm going to receive an allowance here and now that I was supposed to receive when I met you next time."Therefore, unlike ordinary "personal debt", I think that it is not necessary to make an IOU, but do not look down on it or be rude, but seriously ask "why do you need to borrow money in advance?" I need to tell you.
Even if you make a mistake, you shouldn't say things like "I bought too many branded items~" or "I went to beauty salons~" or anything that would cause sympathy or even disgust.Even if the over-buying of branded goods is true.If you are not good at it, you will be cut.

I don't know if it's a substitute for interest, but if you bring something like sweets, alcohol, or even a little stationery next time, saying, "This is my apology when I borrowed it in advance the other day," I think I'll be able to convey my gratitude.


If you are reluctant to ask someone, a card loan

Borrowing money from your dad or other family members has the potential to affect interpersonal relationships later on.
In such a case, it is a good idea to borrow money from businesses such as banks and consumer finance companies.
I would like you to look into the card loan that seems to suit you in the same way.

Card loans can be borrowed repeatedly during the contract period as long as the amount is within the limit.Also, when you think of a loan, you have the image of a high interest rate, but there are card loans that have an interest-free period, so be sure to check them out.And if you make early repayments when you have enough money, the total repayment amount may be cheaper.

However, I would like to think of this as a "last resort" as much as possible, and never use it like a convenience store like "I'm short on money this month, so let's borrow it♪".
Credit cards and credit card loans are the ones that snowball and terrifying amounts of bills pile up when you get carried away and use them all the time. (※Experienced)

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