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Do you want to captivate Daddy with your pure and innocent charm?Free wedding dress rental!Two love hotels where you can enjoy not only singles and girls' associations, but also photo shoots! 

nice to meet you!I'm Kotoko Hinata, a love hotel critic.This time, she got the chance to write a column for Universe.

I would like to write about recommended love hotels and things related to dad activities.

Thank you.

So, the first time is a recommended love hotel ⭐️


Wedding dresses are every girl's dream! 

You can go by yourself and take selfies to your heart's content, or you can meet up with friends to take a break from time to time.

You can go out with your daddy and show off your pure self!

This time, you can wear a wedding dress and take a photo at a love hotel!I will introduce two recommended houses ❤️

Saitama "HOTEL CITA"

"HOTEL CITA" is located in Saitama Prefecture and can be used by one person or more than 3 people.

In the case of a car, it is near Okegawa Kano IC on the Ken-O Expressway.By train, it takes about 10 minutes by taxi from JR Okegawa Station.

Three dresses available for free rental!

The popular "wedding dress event" is held in May and June every year♫

There are three dresses that can be rented, and sizes are M to L.The dress in the photo is L, and the size can be adjusted with the string at the back.

Easy ordering with the TV remote control!

To rent a dress, just select it from the TV screen with the remote control!

Do you want to enjoy yourself?Do you want to take pictures at the girls' night out?

There is no special plan for girls-only gatherings, but if three people share one room, the room size will be 3 times larger, and for four people, it will be doubled.

If you want to use it with 4 friends, it might be more fun if you split into 2 rooms and the background will change. (This room is room 401)

They don't accept reservations, but the turnover is fast and the cleaning is speedy, so even if the rooms are full, I don't think you'll have to wait too long!

Hair irons and styling products are also provided!

There are plenty of amenities, straightening irons, 26mm and 32mm curling irons for free rental, and hair wax and other styling products are plentiful, so you can come empty-handed!

Women's power UP ❤︎ Love hotel gourmet

The room service of "HOTEL CITA" has many original menus, and the most recommended are drinks and sandwiches!

The sandwich uses Kodawari bread, which contains seven kinds of grains, and a salad with mustard greens, chicory, radishes, and purple cabbage sprinkled with pink pepper.If you imitate and make it, it will increase your femininity ....

The drinks are made with the owner in mind, and the special drinks on the event menu all use a sauce made from mashed fresh fruit.

There are things written as "Welcome Free" and "Stay Free" on the menu table. Product will be free.

Chicken nuggets with rosemary come with XNUMX kinds of sauces: mentaiko, honey mustard, basil, and milk.

Everything is really delicious, and if it was in the neighborhood, I would definitely go there every day.

For breakfast, I had a fluffy egg and tomato sandwich, raw mango calpis, and lettuce soup.I can't believe I can get such delicious sandwiches and drinks for free...!

"HOTEL CITA" is so delicious that it will become popular even if it becomes an independent cafe, so it is definitely recommended to eat at the hotel rather than eating elsewhere!

It's worth going just to eat!

*The wedding dress free rental event ends at the end of June, so if you are interested, hurry up ❤️


★ 『HOTEL CITA] (Hotel Theta)

[Address] 7-128 Nakamaru, Kitamoto City, Saitama Prefecture

3 hours: from 3,980 yen including tax Accommodation: from 5,900 yen including tax


Ibaraki "Ampio"

Other than wedding dresses, yukata, swimwear, and cosplay!

The hotel "AMPIO" in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture also rents cocktail dresses, yukata, cosplay, swimwear, etc. in addition to wedding dresses, and can be rented by one person, a girls' party, or a couple of men and women!

The room rate is OK for XNUMX to XNUMX girls, so the more people you have, the cheaper it will be.

Wedding dresses can be rented from 1,000 yen per dress, and can be selected at the dress boutique on the first floor.

After choosing a dress, place an order using the TV remote control in your room, and the dress and tiara will be brought to your room✨

Garden photos and chandeliers!Photo shoot at various places ❤︎

There is a garden in the vast grounds, and there are swings, tables and chairs, so you can take pictures there too ♫

If the weather is nice, you will definitely be able to take beautiful pictures just like a garden wedding!

On the 2nd floor of the hotel, there are iron handrails in the corridors, and there are places where you can see the chandelier on the ceiling of the lobby, so there are plenty of photo spots.

Please try shooting in various places, not just in the room!

Ampio also has gorgeous dresses with flared hems!

There are also rooms with pools and open-air baths!

Ampio also has rooms with open-air baths and pools, and of the 8 VIP rooms, 6 are on the top floor so you can see the sky.

The photo is the private heated pool in room 310.Don't worry, we also rent swimsuits!

There are bathrobes and room wear, and there is a hair iron in the room, so you can come empty-handed.

Room service is also delicious!

Reservations can be made from the hotel website, and there are many photos of the food menu and rooms such as open-air baths, so if you are interested, please check it out ♫


★ 『AMPIO’ (Ampio)

[Address] 1241-2 Kakuraicho, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Break: From 4,590 yen including tax / Accommodation: From 7,560 yen including tax

Manga artist, columnist, love hotel critic.I got the chance to write a column for Universe this time because I worked on the management side of the dating club.We will consider dad activities from various angles such as various things related to love and sex, poverty, unmarried, gender, etc.We are also looking for dad life episodes from everyone!Please comment.

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