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Papa activities are more for Japan than the Olympics

The world is buzzing about the Olympics.

By the time I'm writing this, it should have already been held.

Who are the Olympics for?The world is in recession, and the actions of the people are all restricted.

We who live as dads are no exception.

Even though I'm receiving support from Papa, I can't even make unreasonable wishes when the world is in such a negative flow.

Recently, I had a terrible thought.

That's the recognition and word of the world that says papa katsu.

I think it was around the time when the topic of corona spread in Japan.

Don't you think that what you call dad life is no longer considered special?

That is why, until around the summer of 2019, I remember that I often saw negative topics such as papa katsu = prostitution through the media and SNS.

This may be just me, so there is no evidence to that extent.

However, don't you think it's hard to look directly at the negative meaning of the word even if you hear the word "papa katsu" now?

I feel great there.

Ah?Daddy life?is that so?How much would you say?

I have the impression that the way people perceive me has changed, regardless of whether they are male or female.

Is this because of Corona?This kind of topic may be insane, but is it because the world has become a pandemic and the number of women who are working as dads has increased?I thought to myself.

Isn't that what Japanese people are like?If everyone talks positively, can I be positive too?

Don't feel that way.

When I think that papa-katsu has become a standard business for Japanese women thanks to the coronavirus, I feel proud that I am doing more papa-katsu than ever before.

The splendor of dad life is getting more and more permeated, and the wonderful information is transmitted to the women of the world.

Don't you think it's amazing and wonderful?

However, this is exactly what I want to say out loud in this column.

Thanks to the Olympics, there are a lot of people who are in a lot of trouble.

Recently, I often find myself comparing the Olympics and dad activities.

Which is more important to Japan today?in the matter of.

By doing the Olympics, the people are forced to have a lot of patience.

Of course, that nation also includes our papa, who loves us so much.

Surely, a woman who is working as a dad can't even go to a bar.

I can't even go on dates.

I can't do anything with my dad, and I can't even heal him casually.

Isn't there a lot of people who are stressed like this?

I am very stressed.

I introduced it here before, but it's a way to interact with dad remotely.

As expected, more than a year is the limit.

And Tokyo, where I live, still declares a state of emergency.

On the contrary, even alcohol is restricted, and even if you enter a restaurant with your father, you can only stay there for 90 minutes if you drink alcohol.

I think that many men who are dating women who are dads like alcohol.

So, if you can't drink alcohol slowly, there's a high probability that you'll break up afterwards, and you can't even have a slow conversation.

This is the price that the government moved to make it all the Olympics, right?Who will be healed by doing this, and who will be happy?One of the topics I often make daddy recently.

However, I can confidently say that I am able to make men smile with my poor ability as a dad.

Corona is spreading all over Japan, and everything from the economy to the people is moving negatively.

There, the Olympic Games are held in pursuit.

Who benefits from this?I really think.

However, I want you to see dad life.

Isn't this the image of women that the media should focus more on?

Nowadays, even men who are new graduates find it difficult to get a job.

Even after graduating from a prestigious university, there is no job.

On the contrary, companies are going bankrupt, and the number of unemployed refugees is increasing day by day.

I burst into tears.

The other day, I saw adults eating at the children's dining room on TV news.

This is the end of men in the world.

But what about women?Even so, the employment rate is low, and the reality is that only a fraction of men can find a job.

This is Japan today.

Of course, Tokyo, where I live, may still have jobs compared to the countryside.

Still, if you want stability, it's a pretty narrow gate.

That's why there are so many women who work as temporary workers now.

But you know.It was the same for me, but temporary workers are not employees, so they are cut off immediately.

However, I want you to see dad life.

Unlike a company, dad treats women with care, and the presence of us makes the other man smile and become positive.

Some men say that it also relieves stress.

You almost don't have to worry about money.

On the contrary, if you talk to your dad, most of them will listen to you empathetically.

Are there any other jobs that make people happy and heal them so much?

Of course, so is money.

And above all, it's a win-win relationship, so there's basically no stress for each other.

On the women's side, I can clearly say that I don't like it, and most of the time they will match my schedule.

Of course, the ambitions that women in the olden days would have ended as dreams, can be fulfilled through papa katsu.

In this day and age, which one do women and men need right now?I think it's simple.

Isn't it the Olympics?Papa life.

Especially women, don't you think so?No, I'm getting older to some extent, men should think so too.

Because there is no healing in the world right now, right?Of course, if nothing happened, the Olympics would go wild, and the people would unite to cheer on the people, and maybe we could relieve stress.

There will be tears, emotions, and laughter.

But now the reality is that Corona is tormenting the world.

More and more people say that they will barely survive tomorrow.

At that time, who can watch sports and feel hope?Courage and excitement may be obtained.

But no audience.

The players who are doing it should surely lose their tension.

The other day, a player from the Japanese national soccer team who was watching said that he really wanted to have as many guests as possible.

But it is certainly so.I felt.

Because it doesn't motivate me.

I just hope that you can return to the Japan I know as soon as possible.

On the contrary, even though the Olympics are being held in the midst of the coronavirus, I feel that I want you to continue to have a positive mindset without thinking negatively.

So, including myself, I thought that I would like you to convey your positive feelings to your dad and keep your hopes up.

Because that might be all we can do now.

Next time, I hope I can introduce how to spend time with my dad during the declaration of an emergency.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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