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About first date meals

The column is Asami from Universe Hiroshima after a long absence.
It's getting warmer and warmer from now on, welcome party, farewell party, and dad life.
I think there will be more such scenes.
Today, I thought about various meals that even interviewers ask women on a daily basis.

What do you like and dislike about food?

Asa「Tell me 2.3-XNUMX favorite meals!」

Woman 1: Eh, everything.

Shallow (Hey, I'm in trouble)

I'm the type of person who listens to a lot of details so that it's easier for men to suggest meals.
Women who say "everything" even if I ask them to rank them will state that they like anything in their profiles.
I personally recommend that you tell the interviewer ◯ and ◯ at the time of the interview♪

Asa: "I heard you like to eat, what do you like?"

Woman 2: “Teppanyaki and sushi… I guess.”

Teppanyaki and sushi...

I think it's fine, but when I think about it, manycounterIs not it?

Many of the contents included in the first date conversations that I asked male and female members,
"Why did you join the Universe Club?"It seems that it is a registration motive.
The content of the conversation in the first place is extremely deep!
"Dating type" and "Allowance" etc.

I'm sure there are some people who would be OK with being asked,
It can be only men or women, and it's not uncommon.

If it was a counter...

It seems that Mr. Itamae polishes the sushi counter every day.
It's illegal to put your cell phone down. (I think there is a TPO, but it is forbidden to take out a mobile phone during a date)

It may be important to talk about the universe club, but it's best to be considerate of the other person and have as many seeds of conversation as possible!
Above all, it is important to know your opponent.
People who have conversation seeds may be taking shortcuts to get to know the other person.

But counters are good too.

It seems that there are quite a lot of people who like the counter because you can see the food being made and the food being cooked.
I personally recommend it, and if you have a second date, come on!I think (`・ω・´)ゞ

Incidentally The counters are lined up side by side, so you are unconsciously measuring your *personal space with the other person in the future as the distance between them is close.That's right.
*Interpersonal distance

First of all, please follow the etiquette and enjoy your meal♪


Momone Asami

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