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Advice on finding a good dad

Introducing my two daddies

I have two dads now.

It's a bit rude, but let me call them fat papa and ordinary papa.

It's been almost half a year since I first registered on the Papa Katsu site.

I met both Futo Papa and Heibon Papa on the same site.

It's been almost half a year since I met you in person.

It's been a month since I met you in person.

I couldn't see him for a month and a half because my fat daddy was going on a business trip, so I met him as a way to earn some pocket money while he was away, and as a distraction.

Fat Papa will give you 3 meals.

A mediocre dad gives me one meal.

Fat Papa makes a restaurant that girls like for breakfast and lunch.

For dinner, 1 yen per person is not enough.

I have to be a little careful about manners such as when I eat, but I always have a wonderful time.

Mediocre Papa always finds a shop with a private room.

You can eat comfortably without worrying about it or being nervous.

Both Futo Papa and Heibon Papa have never invited me to a hotel, touched my body, or talked to me about sex.

Both are very kind and respectful people.

They both think they are the only dad.

I didn't tell him that I had another dad.

I also talk about fat papa to ordinary papa.

But I'm talking about the story of my previous dad.

I've already transferred, so I'm telling you that I can't meet you.

Actually, I prioritize meeting him over my ordinary dad.

Ordinary dads are kind, so when I talk about fat dads, I say "3 in a meal is amazing!You found a good daddy!It's a shame we can't meet!"He said.smile

Thank you for reading this long introduction.

From message to encounter

My advice on finding a good dad may be for people in rural areas, but please refer to it!

The site where I am registered shows the other person's profile.

I don't pay much attention to profile descriptions.

However, I have not contacted any free members.

For free members, it's a pure idea that let's give each other allowance and enjoy each other instead of eating.I think.

I think so because the site is the site.

So I'm looking for a paid member.

I messaged about 2 people before I met two daddies.

Anyway, I'm ascertaining whether he seems to be a good dad with a message and whether his humanity is okay.

I live in a rural area and most people have cars.

So in my case, I told my dad, "I'm a girl, but I like cars. What kind of car does 〇〇 drive?I always hear.

I really like this.

"I'm riding a light fourfor answers such as "I am also light four!By the way, I would like 3 to 5 meals.If you say something like that, you won't get a reply anymore, so I'm sending it that way.

"i'm driving a toyotaPeople who only answer such as " are also a little off the candidates.

This is because people who don't reveal their personal feelings are too cautious, and I have to be careful when I talk to them, so it's troublesome.

"It's a CX-5", even if it's not your favorite car, "Sounds good!It's cool!Is the grade 〇〇? ?”, I will check the grade and send it immediately.

"The 〇〇 grade is leather-covered…You are lucky if you talk to me.

There are many men who like cars, so I want them to show off their favorite cars.

Then, just by listening to the story of the car, I think that it is possible to ascertain whether or not there is room for income if you are particular about the car.

However, there are many exceptions.

"company car"Or"Old 〇〇 at workI've been told that.

"company carAfter all, I have not met the person who said.

"Old 〇〇 at work', became my ordinary dad.

"What do you ride in your private life?I heard that after meeting you, but I own a total of 3 cars in my private life, and 3 of the 2 cars were sports cars.

For Fat Daddy

Fat Papa was the member with the highest membership fee on the site.

The message came from Daddy.

I posted the contents of the message before

About your care.And to have fun with Daddy.

I put a little on

In the case of Futo Papa, I love cars and boats, so he liked me, and we still have a wonderful relationship.

Ordinary Dad

Mediocre Papa was a member of the middle membership fee in the site.

It was a member above the cheapest member above the free member.

I don't message much.

I found out that he was a kind person during the conversation, and when I heard about his hobbies, I thought he was a person with plenty of money, so I decided to meet him.

I still have a mediocre relationship with my mediocre dad.

My mediocre papa often invites me to dinner, but sometimes I refuse because I prioritize my fat papa and my friends.

But not discouraged? (Laughs) Thank you for inviting me.

When the meal is over, there are times when both the fat papa and the mediocre papa will disband immediately (30 minutes from the shortest meeting ever to the dissolution)

If the conversation is lively, even after the bill is over and the allowance is received, we will continue to talk without worrying about the time. (The longest is 3 hours and a half)

For all of you to meet a good dad.

In order not to meet strange people and face danger.

Don't be lazy about exchanging messages, carefully identify the other person and find a nice daddy!

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