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About your allowance.And to have fun with Daddy.

About allowance

I will share my experience with the most important treatments.

Before I could say how much I wanted, my dad said to me, "How about 3?more?"He said.

This is the pre-meeting stage.

We exchanged about 10 messages.

I was asked to send a picture of my face, but I still couldn't trust my dad, so I said I was embarrassed and said 3 for treatment.

I live in a rural area, so I only know the local market, but even if I ask my seniors about the local market, the food is 1.

Some people are 0.5, and there are even people who say no for the first time.

However, there is no one who says 3.

I didn't know that kind of market at all, so "meet and decide' he replied.

Whether it's lunch, morning, or dinner, Dad always says,yes, it's a treat” and give me 3 on the way home.

By the way, it's purely a meal without body touch.

I haven't touched my dad yet, nor have I ever been touched.

I currently have only one dad.

As I got used to it a little and it became fun, I became greedy and started thinking "I want to earn more money!".

I thought about making multiple dads, but after all "I would like 3 mealsIf you say ", you won't get a reply in the region.smile

So I'm still only in a relationship with one dad.

Points to remember when the phone rings

After we finished eating and were talking in the car, my cell phone rang.

I used to be polite, but my dad noticed and said, "you can get out', so when I answered the phone, unfortunately, it was an urgent matter for my family.

to dadgo quickly', and I immediately said goodbye to my dad.

Unfortunately, my dad gave me a present when the phone rang, and I was in the middle of opening it...

This is really a point to ponder.

Because answering the phone from relatives has to be a normal way of speaking.

I try to use nice words in front of my dad, but I'm a slovenly woman who usually says "I'm lazy", "annoying", "ryo", and "hoi".

I had to speak normally in front of my relatives.

Because it would be difficult if my family found out...

I regret saying "hoi" in front of my dad.

It was the day I made up my mind not to answer the phone when I was with my dad but to ask him to use LINE.

got a present

When we first metwhat's your favorite brand?I was asked.

I"I'm not interested in brand-name products, and clothes and bags are expensive, so most of them are hand-me-downs from my sister.I talked about it.

When I receive the allowance, I immediately put it in my wallet.This wallet is also handed downI was talking.

The gift I received was a branded bag.

The brand bag I got for the first time.

I liked the color and it was cute, so I was very happy.

I"Cute!Is it really okay for me to have it?The phone rang when I was happy.

I got a present and went home in a hurry.

Then my dad said "Thank you for today too!Actually, I have one more gift for you.' said the message.

When I looked for it, there was another present in the pocket of my bag.

It was the same brand wallet.

I had never been surprised like this before, and I was so happy that I fell in love with my dad.

to have fun with daddy

I'm still inexperienced, but there are a few things I want to be careful about myself so that I can enjoy my dad life, so I'll write them down.

When it comes to advice, it's a bit of a high-level perspective, but I hope it will be helpful for everyone.

・Knowing what daddy wants

What kind of relationship does daddy want, whether he just wants to eat, whether he wants to have an adult relationship, whether he wants to go on a trip, whether he wants to go for a drive, how often he wants to see you, what days of the week you can meet, etc

Even if you meet a good dad, it won't last if it doesn't suit you.

・Don't hold back

If you ever get a bonus from your dad, don't hesitate to get it.

It will not come in the future.

I hesitated and refused the money that my father once tried to give me.

Dad didn't look very happy.

The men who are working as dads are from the wealthy class.

If a girl in her 20s would be shy, she wouldn't be trying to be a dad.

I regretted what I had done.

We should gladly accept it.

・Enjoy each other by distinguishing it from love

After all, it is a dad life.It's not love.I think it's a pseudo-romance.

I myself have fallen in love with Daddy.

I'm seeing my dad because I have an allowance, but sometimes I get a little jealous of him.

If you are not careful not to become financially and psychologically dependent on your dad, you will be in trouble if your dad suddenly disappears.

and "To enjoy! !"

It's a loss if you don't enjoy your dad and of course yourself.

I have to get dressed more than usual because I'm going to get money.

But getting dressed makes you feel better.Kill two birds with one stone!

I think there are a lot of dads out there who would be happy to see a young girl happy, so let's do our best to enjoy the pseudo-romance and not become dependent on it!

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