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[For Dad Beginners] What is fashion that can target men's uke on a dating club date?

First of all, you don't need to be super stylish or unique when choosing clothes for dad activities.
For example, if it is about 1% of men who are always acting in Minato-ku, Tokyo,"I'm embarrassed and I can't walk with a woman unless she's fashionable and stylish enough to go out on the runway."You may think that, but many men don't like women's quirky fashion.

Are you making a good impression on your dad?This is the only tip for choosing clothes for a dad live date.

By the way, I used this image because it somehow resembles me♡


femininity is a must

In the area of ​​papa activities and guarantee drinking, feminine clothes are a major premise, so to speak.
At this point, women who feel like, "A skirt is ridiculous because I'm a woman?" or "I only want to wear clothes that I like!"Men of the same generation are much more tolerant of such personalities.

The current mainstream trend is pants style and big silhouette.It's true that fashion like that is cute, but it tends not to be very popular on dates at dating clubs.
However, if you are on good terms with a man you met while working as a dad, you should wear casual clothes that give you a sense of ease.


"moderate" exposure

In addition to femininity, it is also important to have a moderate amount of exposure.
On the other hand, just because exposure is important, overtly exposing yourself can be counterproductive.
For example, a miniskirt.
There are certainly many men who like miniskirts with max cuteness and max exposure, but it's different on a date with Papa Katsu!
It is difficult to create a mature and calm feeling, and above all, it is a fashion that shows off your legs, so it can be a violation of manners at a high-end restaurant.
In fact,"I didn't like the women who wore miniskirts in the setting. It was a high-class restaurant, so I was uncomfortable the whole time."I've heard that said many times in real life.

In addition, it is also NG to expose the cleavage excessively.
It tends to be seen as a symbol of sexiness and maturity, but it is also a violation of manners in real life, let alone restaurants.
Seen from the front, do you see something that looks like a little valley?It's just about right.
I really want to wear bold V-neck clothes!In that case, it is recommended to wear a cardigan or stole over it to give it an elegant look and make it difficult to see your cleavage.

In addition, in the setting of the universe club, we often know the place to eat in advance.Recently, there are many restaurants that operate Instagram, so it is also recommended to check the atmosphere and dress code of the restaurant in advance.


"Cleanliness" and "neatness" that tend to be forgotten in the world of Mouryo

When you first step into a dating club, it's easy to assume that ``I have to be flashy,'' or ``I have to be flashy.''
First, let's throw away the idea that "dating club ≒ hostess, hostess".
Certainly, the adultness and sexiness that are different from ordinary women are popular.But there are few men who want the flashiness of a cigarette spa or a cigarette spa spa.

Don't wear gaudy clothes like hostesses to make yourself stand out in the downtown area at night.


Avoid high brand clothes

Sophisticated clothes from high brands are something every woman dreams of at least once.
There are many items that can be recognized as a brand at a glance, such as those with brand logos all over the clothes, but unfortunately, such branded clothes tend to be viewed as vulgar.
Even high-end brands can be purchased from around 100 yen, not 200 yen, and the reality is that many women buy brand-name products when they have the money to spare.
However, men who are ignorant of such circumstances"Isn't this woman a rough spender?"I have the impression that.
Furthermore, it can be said that there are almost no men who have a good impression of a woman who wears only brand-name products from head to toe.
"Dating clubs are used by men who have plenty of money, but branded ones can't be used...(←It's not that brands are absolutely useless. I used to carry Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton bags too.)”, but is it a woman who is worthy of support for men?is important.This area is where each sense of balance is tested.


It's eye-catching, but it's safer to avoid cutting-edge fashion

As you can see from what I have written so far, many men prefer conservative clothing that is not influenced by trends.
Unusual clothes and cutting-edge fashion that are recognized in the fashion industry are not popular.

By the way, this is the same with makeup.Makeup that men find “cute” and makeup that women find “cute” are often different!
For a period of time, "Ferro makeup" and "Igari makeup" were frequently featured in women's fashion magazines.
Gravure idols and famous AV actresses do not appear in photo books or AV with such makeup.This is the best answer.

If you are a beginner in fashion and makeup, you tend to aim for the beauty that women feel,“I get a lot of compliments from my female friends, but I don’t like it from men.”It tends to be an indescribably lonely result.No matter how much a woman praises you, that woman will not give you an allowance!Be conscious of bringing yourself closer to the woman who is popular with men.


Personal Impressions & Summary

I was conscious of the above when choosing clothes for the dating club, but after all from men

-Pichi Pichi sleeveless (better if it's a knit)

-Tight skirt (lace material or leather material)

-20 denier black stockings

Such clothes were popular.It looks just like the image at the top of this article.

Being aware of this femininity on a date at a club is also sending an open-minded message to men: "I see you as a nice man."Of course, it can also be used for dates with people of the same generation, so please take advantage of it.

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