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I want to be careful, vicious liar papa

A vicious liar daddy you have to watch out for

This time, it's a story about a vicious liar dad who must be careful about papa katsu girls.

Cute Lying Dads are still good, and the worst of the Hidden Lying Dads is the Fucking Dad.

In fact, there are fucking dads not only on dad live sites but also in dating clubs.

In fact, Lena also met a fucking dad who said no allowance for the second time.

At that time, the dating club didn't help me and I had to do something on my own.
In general, fucking dads pretend to be big dads and don't give allowances or make daddy girls pay a lot of money.

Lying and doing things that daddy girls don't like is fucking daddy

Unlike credit card fraud, which is in the news, it is difficult to accuse and prove crimes, so there are many cases where daddy girls who have been caught by fucking dads have to wipe the wounds themselves.

I'm talking about dads who promised allowances and didn't pay even though they met face-to-face, and dads who pretended to go to the bathroom when they thought they'd taken them to a fancy restaurant and left without paying. .

If you meet such a fucking dad, don't meet again or try to take revenge, report him as a fucking dad on the papa katsu site and don't contact him.

To prevent further victims and secondary damage!

lie detection skills

Dads tell cute lies, just like daddy girls pretend they don't have a boyfriend or lie about their university or company.

I think Lena can't help but lie.

What's not good is lies behind the scenes.

Don't lie about pretending to be unmarried when you're married, spying on information about a girl's company by lying about where you work, or pretending to live where you live and using it as an excuse to follow you to the nearest station.

But it's hard to spot lies.

It's the same case where the dads don't know that the daddy girl has a boyfriend.

I can't tell from the words that come out of the mouths of the dads whether the dad is really a profitable business owner and a big dad, or a lying dad who is actually suffering from debt liquidation of a deficit company.

Lena, you've gotten better at spotting lies since you started working as a dad.

You've learned the skills to survive.smile
For example, people who are not accustomed to lying cannot lie while making eye contact.

Look away orwhy are you staring at me like that”, I will be conscious of being seen in the eyes.

If your averted gaze is in the upper right corner of your father's eyes, it's proof that you're making up a story.

Also, Lena, I once received a fake business card.

When I looked it up on Lena's network, I found out that there was no one with that name working for the company that was written on the business card I got, and there was no such title.

But the reason I checked it was because the paper quality was a little different from the business cards I've received.

You mean it's shiny?I thought it was weird so I looked it up.

It's not hard to see through the lying daddy's lies

If you think it's a vicious lie, you should cut it before you turn into a fucking daddy.

It's safer not to meet people who are solidified with lies before they meet.

I wonder if I became a problem for everyone?

Have a safe daddy life!

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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