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Story with [Papa in his 70s] ~Encounter~


I'm Ruriko, a cute housewife in her 40s with a smile.


Now then, if I had just lived a normal life...

As a housewife, I don't think I've spent my entire life without knowing the world of Papa Katsu.

Today, I'm going to talk to [Papa in his 70s] who taught me the world of [Papa Katsu].


Beginning, beginning! ! (clap clap clap clap)



[Encounter] with dad in his 70s

When I was in my twenties, I worked as a receptionist at a local shopping center.

It was a gorgeous and very fun job, as I was given a tour of the hall, broadcasting, and a moderator at the event.

At that time, I got acquainted with the president of the store (hereinafter referred to as Mr. K) who was a tenant.

Mr. K is currently in his 70s and was in his 60s when we met.

When I heard that there was an event at Mr. K's company, I was interested in the content,

I asked, "I want to go!"

Mr. K took a liking to my curiosity and bright personality, and we became good friends after this event.

I've been doing this job for about 3 years and have participated in this company's events about twice.

Also, when I met Mr. K at the store, he always greeted me cheerfully, and we were on good terms to talk about various things.



[Reunion] and [Confession] for the first time in 15 years

15 years have passed since then...

I was interested in having a son, and I knew that Mr. K's work was related to that. I tried to contact him.

Mr. K remembered me well when I was in my twenties, and he immediately arranged a date and promised to meet me on the spot.



And the day we meet again.

Mr. K made this confession to me while talking about each other's recent situation while eating.


"Actually, I've been wondering about you for a long time."

"I want you to get well. I will listen to whatever you have to say."

"I will do anything for you. I want to support you."

"I'd like to have a meal with you sometime, even if it's a restaurant you want to go to."


We are both married, and at first I was a little confused by this confession, but there was one thing that was clear to me about Mr. K.

"The same gentle and trustworthy person as 15 years ago"

"A person who is very successful at work and respected"

“Those in their 70s who are active, healthy and ambitious”


I felt that Mr. K was attractive.

Also, to be honest, I was happy that Mr. K took a liking to me who was around XNUMX.


yes.As I said in my last column,



"You are a rough stone.So if you polish it, it becomes a diamond.”

One of the three people who told me that was Mr. K.



Is this [papa life]? ?

This is how I started my relationship with Mr.


① Meet at the parking lot of the shopping center in the neighborhood where I live

(It takes about 2 hours by car, and Mr. K comes to see me.)

② Have lunch at a luxury restaurant that I have selected

③Driving in K-sama's luxury car and having tea

④ Buy cakes and sweets as souvenirs


If you think about it now, it's completely the flow of [papa katsu] dating.

But at that time, I still didn't know the word "papa katsu".Therefore, I had no recognition of [Papa Katsu], and of course I did not receive any allowance.

For me, it was [a fun date with an acquaintance's uncle who feels like a friend♡].

For me, a budget housewife who lives a normal life, I can eat at luxury restaurants, take a ride in a luxury car, etc.

It was a dream-like special time that you can never experience in everyday life.

Of course, at that time there was no adult relationship yet.

It continued for about half a year to see each other once or twice a month.



[going to see my family] to

One day Mr. K

"I'm sure your child will be happy, so it would be nice if you could come visit the company with your family. I'll show you around."

So I went to play with my husband and son.

I was introduced to the company and went to visit related facilities nearby.When I moved (about 5 minutes), I was overjoyed to have my son ride in Mr. K's luxury car.

And we had lunch with the whole family together at the facility.


Both my husband and son were very happy, and I was happy to see their smiles.

After returning home, I sent a thank-you email to K.

Then I got this reply:


"After all, I shouldn't have met your husband."



Huh? ?

Mr. K said he could meet me, but...

What do you mean?! ! !


The next time I met Mr. K, he told me that he had met my husband, and felt that I belonged to him, and I felt somewhat lonely...

is what they said.


K-sama loves me so much that you can say such a thing♡

And I was pretty self-indulgent, lol, lol.

Anyway, this was the only time my husband and Mr. K met face-to-face, but this made Mr. K a trustworthy person for my husband, and later helped me with my [papa-katsu]. .


And then, finally, I receive an invitation from Mr. K to [stay].

Will it develop into an [adult relationship]?

It's going to be long, so I'll talk about it next time.

Thank you for reading to the end.


I hope you have a wonderful encounter ♪

May your life shine brighter!

May you live the life of the protagonist





nice to meet you.I am a housewife in her 4s who has been a dad for 40 months and is a happy couple. With the motto [enjoy the present, enjoy life], I will tell you what I am learning through dad life and stories of dad life experiences like skits.

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