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"Don't Stop Time" Episode V ~The Beginning of Daddy Life~

"Kankatsu" Kankatsu ©︎ I'm Misuzu, a column writer♪
Started “Kankatsu” ©︎, which is not “Shuukatsu” at Alafor.married.

It was a while ago when the two characters “shukatsu” didn’t stand out so much.

My grandfather, father, and classmates were approaching the end of their lives, and at the same time, I started my own activities to end my life, Katsukatsu ©︎.

While snuggling up to the "death" of someone close to us that everyone experiences in a normal way, we express it by adding a little topping sugar affection to the "slight emotion" that we feel while looking down.

I will define my own life and write an original column to live fully.

1. Define your life

“Life” is how you live your limited time.

I was consistent with such a natural thing, and it didn't take long for me to make the decision to become a dad now.

Registering with the dating club is a path to a consistent destination where my ``foreplay'' of ``shukatsu'' is a club activity.

It was a route to the end of life that I found by "accidental discovery" that is very common in everyday life.

It is the beginning of “activities to complete life” = “complete life” ©︎ that is more comprehensive than shukatsu in life while cognitive functions are in balance.

2. my personality

If anything, she has a laid-back personality that resembles her mother.

Therefore, my father said,You are 10 years behind other people in your way of life.Think more.When you're young, you work more desperately than others and earn money.I was preaching to him on a daily basis.
"reckless, what'
Even though we live in an era where we can manage to work and eat like everyone else without thinking about it too much.

3. Parasite Single

Even after I got a job, I was still living at home, and from my small starting salary, I gave about half of my salary to my mother every month for living expenses and lived freely.

As soon as I became a member of society, I had a big misunderstanding that "paying for living expenses = becoming a full-fledged person", and I was living a carefree parasite life until around the time of my parents' shins.
*Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications collects statistics on parasite singles. For example, there are more than 35 million unmarried middle-aged people aged 44 to 300 who live with their parents.

16.7% (2014) of this prime working age group, and it seems that it continues to increase even now.

Nursing care issues are emerging as the number of parasites and singles in the prime of life increases.

Now that a significant number of parasite singles are reaching the age of caring for their parents, we can expect the problem to multiply.

 4. A job you can't refuse

At some point, as an extension of my work, I succumbed to power harassment (sexual harassment) from my direct superior, which was "skillful teasing," and a physical relationship began.

(The boss changed due to personnel changes, but it was decided to repeat it again.)

Furthermore, I was doing important work in a black workplace while being a secret after-work partner who could not refuse from a highly dependent customer.

"In order to continue working, what is the role of a woman?'

5. A girls' party held for the first time in several years

A classmate who looks good with a short cut opened his mouth.

"Our bank is the same as other banks, and branch managers are subject to personnel changes every few years.Make sure there is no wrongdoing.The previous branch manager was no longer transferred, and the relief was short-lived, but the new branch manager asked for a physical relationship.See you soon.Every time, every time, I can't refuse, so I have no choice but to divide.'
Cute, bright, and bountiful classmate J-ko, who was charming and honestly talked to us about her painful feelings, gradually switched to brighter topics.

J-ko is a woman who can be considerate and harmonize the situation.

Ever since she was a high school girl, J-ko was a good talker, a central figure in the circle of the group, and laughed loudly and brightly.

J-ko with big breasts must have become a member of society and seemed attractive to the branch manager who was assigned at work.

For us classmates, of course, she had grown into a wonderful woman who looked attractive.

"It's hard to say in one word.Someone you don't even like, asking for a physical relationship.'

(In a workplace with an era of tacit knowledge where refusal is not allowed)

6. Baby boomer mother

Going on a short trip with my mother for the first time in a while

While traveling on the sightseeing bus, my mother started talking about this in a trivial way.

"In a certain government office, when an important person is transferred to a rural area, in order for him to fulfill his role properly at the place where he is transferred without his family, he always assigns a smart and clever woman who he seems to like as his partner.Because she's a good-looking and smart woman,You know the role of front and back work.'
I involuntarily rolled my eyes.

"Is that so….There are many things.'
With her eyes narrowed, she continued.

"While taking into account such various circumstances, we place people who can do a good job around us as business partners.They are strict confidentiality and tight-lipped.We have been making money for a long time.I'm talking about an old job where you could get in by nomination, not by bidding.'

"Shhh, that's loud!inside the bus.It's Heisei now.If you're not good at it, you'll be arrested for leaking information.'
"I wonder how long this incomprehensible, mysterious back society (male society) will last.It will surely be an eternal theme.'

* It has been a long time since women's active participation.

Although the business world is based on rules made by men, I doubt that they are aware of it.

As a matter of fact, since men dominate the workplace, especially in managerial positions, women need to know and use the political science in the process of gaining a voice.

 7.An era without the word harassment

Laid-back personality, that's right.

Well, I wondered what life was like, so I entrusted myself to the extension of my work without exception, and I had a secret relationship with my superiors (a general term for people with a higher status than myself) and customers, so I spent my time all the way to around XNUMX. When I thought about it, there was no way I could get married.
I spent my days happily playing with the friends I met in a sober society, and I rarely had time to hang out with my family.

And I just had a job that I liked, that was fun, that was hard and that was hard.
Power harassment, sexual harassment, maternity harassment, moral harassment, etc.It's a workplace full of harassment, but I spent all my time working from morning to night on a rewarding job.

8. Root of all evils of harassment

"What time is our office open?What time should I return?'

A few days after joining the company, I finally asked my superiors and seniors who had no sign of returning.

"Are people who work overtime great?I do not understand what it means'

9. "Death" suddenly appears close to you.

I was reasonably happy working in a relaxed yet harsh working environment in the Heisei era.

While I was living on my meager monthly income, my reticent grandfather passed away due to illness.

"what is it.a little lonely'

10. Sentence of life expectancy

After I had calmed down from my grandfather's funeral, my father ended up in the hospital.

"The other day, Grandpa let me rehearse the funeral.It's my turn next time, so please take care of me.'

As usual, my father intended to make a cold joke in the hospital bed, but my mother and I both felt a slight twitch in our cheeks and couldn't laugh at it.

My father's illness was already terminal, and the doctor told me to keep quiet about my father's personality. It was because

"I'm not worthy.Pathetic.'

11. Anyway, recklessly.

In addition to my main job, I became even busier with the family business.

In order to make up for the loss of my father's family business, I continued to visit my father every day while helping my mother who was overworked, and about half a year passed.
In the meantime, I secretly continued to work at night with my superiors and customers. [*Continued to Episode IV]

We have started the activity “Kankatsu” ©︎ to end your life.I will write an original column for “Kankatsu” ©︎ as an avatar of myself, living through the present in a tough, supple and powerful way.

"Kankatsu" ©︎ Writer Misuzu's article

 "Kankatsu" © Writer Misuzu ♪

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