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Abazure☆Samba ① Story of wanting to be an electric mouse (Part XNUMX)

Oss!Ola, Romane!
Last time (?), I regretted the fact that I started the column stiffly.

In spite of the content sloppy yeah column,
I was deeply moved by the fact that there were a lot of "self-proclaimed disgusting fans" in the comment section.
Let's all take off our pants and dance to the rhythm of samba!

Well, Romanee believes that everyone has an "unforgettable memory".
Even if I don't call it traumatic,
Is it a deep-rooted Nani stuck like a thorn in the "nucleus" that makes you who you are?
A Nani that never disappears from the back of my mind every time something happens?

As a memorable episode (I don't know about ⓪),
I would like to send you the painful story of Romanee himself and the painful story of being blown away by a landmine.

○nko of the day

Affiliation: Club Pt
Details: late 50's company executive
Meeting point: Somewhere in Shinjuku, in front of the hotel lounge

Universe Club saved me when I was in debt and wandering around! ! !
I rubbed the sesame on a grand scale, and the subject I chose for the first shot was a story in another club,
Hmmm♡Achishitara is a super mischievous person.

Excuse me, Romanee has a chance to meet an affiliate,
For just a moment, I tried working with a competitor, Club pt.
In conclusion, I received four offers.It's all landmines as refreshing as it is.
XNUMX% of my body was blown away, and Romanée, as expected, broke his heart and withdrew before half a year had passed.
Well, compared to that, Universe Club is a really good place to be active for a year. (scraping)

Now let's look at the man's introduction.
According to the staff of Club Pt, "The other party is a very rich and gentle elite gentleman in his XNUMXs."

As you know, Romanée is an upper par
It's the big clubs that take their words seriously and trust them after all♪
I hummed and wrote down my schedule in my notebook, but at this time, I didn't expect that "gentle elite gentleman"
It never occurred to me that I would be hit three times in just a few hours.

On the day of the date

The meeting is at a famous hotel in Shinjuku somewhere.
Arasa OL, how many minutes access is bad from Romanee's workplace.

Gone with the (timed) bell.What is the boss's reproach?
The promise is 19:XNUMX.Hop on the train and get your makeup done at the hotel that arrived a little early...
Romanee likes this time better.

I wonder what kind of wonderful person I can meet, so that today will not be blown up.Apply lipstick while praying to heaven.
By the way, as I learned from experience, the god who protects Romanee even though I prayed for it has long been missing.

While I was doing that, I finished preparations, raised the zipper of the ghost skin to Otsumu, and took out the phone.

Five minutes before 19:5 p.m. I make a phone call while my heart is pounding.

19:XNUMX... Call again.

After that, I tried after a while, but the power was turned off on the 4th time.
Eh... (confused) I waited for a while, and after more than 30 minutes from the appointed time, the person finally appeared.

the first click

"Well, you're a wonderful woman! It's an honor to meet you! That's great, it's a strike!"

Are you the same height?A man with grizzled hair.

"No, I'm sorry first."And as expected, Ashishi also hit Tosaka, but Smile Smile.
In any case, it would be better if they liked it rather than being told that it was disappointing.

I wanted to meet a woman like you, just as I thought, no, more than I expected! !I didn't feel bad about her repeated compliments that made my teeth float, but I was grinning inside. I didn't realize it was there.

The first discomfort was when I was about to enter the lounge with a nice view of the night view.
"I chose this shop because I thought it would be nice to have a nice view. I definitely want to bring him here."
"It's a great atmosphere, I'm happy!"
If you told me that you wanted to come with me, that you chose me, I would be overwhelmed even if you said it was easy.
at least the staff
"Excuse me, you don't have a reservation, do you? It's full."until you hear

Oh, I didn't make a reservation (^^;

Perhaps because Christmas was close, I became a restaurant refugee.
Reasonable bars and small restaurants in the hotel are all full, and only one seat is vacant in the slightly expensive dining room.

To be honest, I was afraid that Romanée at this time was embarrassing men.
Wherever he went, there was an awkward air of being turned away, but somehow he behaved cheerfully.

"It's only available here. I feel like I'm going to eat quite a bit, but are you hungry? Are you okay?"

ok bright!Bright!

"Yes! I like to eat, so I'm happy♪"


yeah? ? ?Didn't you click your tongue just now? ? ? ?
By the way, the reason for this clicking of tongue becomes clear when she goes on a date with another man at the same club.
More details in another story.

Check the feeling with meals

Eating at a restaurant was not a pleasant time to say the least.
That the man is irritated by "unforeseen circumstances" (the reason is another story)
I can barely pretend not to notice.Although we talked about various things, where did the first cheerful greeting go...
"Yeah" "Well, that's how it is" "There are various things"

Men's tension is visibly lowered, so I'm in trouble.
I didn't get excited at all, and the conversation decreased and I thought I was exhausted.
A product that will be a savior to break through this hellish atmosphere arrives.

"Grilled king oyster mushroom"

Chiko (temporary name) has arrived.

It's bigger than I imagined, and it's a large grill that lives up to the name of extra-large.
Moreover, it is covered with a special sauce that has been thoroughly boiled.
The rod (provisional) is brown and grotesquely shiny.

Wow... Chin XNUMX (provisional)... I was thinking to myself, the man finally opened his mouth.
"Hey... Roma-chan! This is...? That's it, isn't it...? Do you understand? Is that that??"
Where's the sullen face from before?It is smiling.

The conversation finally started while I pulled myself together and got into the sword (provisional name).
Well, I'm glad you're feeling better.

While talking rambling, Romanee asked a question.
It was at this moment that Romanee stepped on a landmine with one foot, which he would later regret deeply.

"Why did you give me the offer???"

As an aside, if there is a male member who reads this feces column,
Romanee just wants to say this.

In response to this kind of question, I don't think there are many people who will be happy to praise their physical characteristics.perhaps.
Big breasts/small breasts, big/small, slender/chubby, young/older...etc 
Anyone can do it under those conditions... It's rather painful to be confronted.

I read your profile that you have a super type face, even if it's just a lie!Please tell me
It was a request from Romane.This is serious.

I don't care about such a Romanee feeling.
"Me! A tall girl! I love her so much!!!"
The man's eyes flashed for a moment.

“As for height, the taller the better. All the children here were 170cm tall, and 178cm tall.
If you make an offer, it's definitely a big girl!Roma-chan is also big, so I decided to make an offer! !
But the best part was having a volleyball player! !I wonder if the child was about 183 cm?
Oh man~~~ That girl was the best! ! ! ”

Talkative.Somehow, somehow, I'll write down what I had a bad feeling about here.

In the meantime, Chin 〇 (provisional) has settled in our stomachs.

"Come on, let's go."

Night begins today. 

To the land of the decisive battle

The meeting place was a nice hotel.
As a matter of course"I have a room upstairs☆"I thought that it would be the flow,
When I woke up, I was at a taxi stand under the cold weather.A man gives detailed instructions to the driver.
What is it, are you talking about going to the second place you usually go to?

When the taxi started running, the man's hand came entwined with them, and they both began to speak less and less.
A little embarrassed...?Do you get nervous...?But that would be fine too!

The atmosphere became a little sexy, and when I looked out the window of the taxi with gloomy eyes...
In the middle of Kabukicho, it was a neon-lit hotel district.
The seductive atmosphere suddenly changed to "somehow".
As expected of Ashishi, the reason is that the face becomes serious.

yeah?Are you just passing through?And run to escape reality,
The taxi had mercilessly stopped in front of a 'fair' hotel.

Why did you go out of your way to meet at a distant hotel?
I was pushing for "fashionable and nice atmosphere", but the final destination is here, etc.
There are a lot of tsukkomi, but it's men's job to criticize, so I'll keep quiet (cold

I entered the room without a hitch in the rabbit or in the corner.
I smile wryly at the sight of the man quickly entering the shower room without any conversation.

For the time being, prepare towels and so on, and check the makeup.
I feel like my face is already tired somehow, but I'm fine and let's go.

After the men's shower is over, communication of "next time" and "thank you for the next one"...
There is no such thing.One word.

What does "yes" mean? ? ? ? ? ?

No, it's bad.I have too many things to think about, and it's a negative chain that makes everything annoying.
"Excuse me for taking a bath♪"
Take a bath in the water to calm yourself down.


yes.Well.You don't want to say anything bothering me, do you?
But when you get out of the bath, do you wash off the mysterious hair (details omitted)? ? ? ?
Do you really want to stop marking bathtubs, faucets, and body soaps?A promise with Romane? ?
As expected, the gentle Crest of Ashi is also gingin.

let's stop let's stop
It can't be helped if I only see things I don't like.
Achishi is a one-night-only romantic romance.
Consistently naked.When confronted face-to-face, love and respect anyone without deceit.
No matter what kind of person you are dealing with, don't forget this.

But... let me add a note in the future.
・ Otsum must be decent
・Recognize me as a human being


(Continued in Part XNUMX)

Eloim Essame Eloim Essame! !Come on, let's all get together and dance to the rhythm of the samba in front of Enma! ! !

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