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one day date

Hello.It's Shinro.The rainy season is about to start...

Even though it's humid, it's cold or hot, and it's also the time when you're more likely to get sick.
Please take care of yourself.

Have you been dating recently?

Thanks to you... Thanks to you?

It's been about 6 months since I signed a mistress contract with Mr. T, and we see each other about once a week.

I go out to various places such as having a meal and going out to a certain park.

I also take care of my clothes, and I don't know where I'm going to eat, so I'm trying to dress appropriately so that I can go anywhere.

I think it's the same for everyone who is working as a dad.

I always leave the meals to Mr. T, but I try to tell him as much as possible about places I saw in magazines, restaurants that I saw while traveling, etc.

Don't beg, just hint in conversation.

If there is something in common with the ingredients and cooking methods that came out during the meal, we will talk about it while interweaving the shops that we are interested in, the shops that we are interested in, and the regions.

I'm not picky, I don't have food intolerances or allergies.

I'm sorry that I can only accompany you with a very small amount of alcohol.

Since we always meet during the daytime, from 10:16 to XNUMX:XNUMX, Mr. T said that there is no problem even if he cannot drink alcohol.

I once told you that I would drive when Mr. T drank.

I can drink alone, but I can't go on a date without two people, so I won't drink.

So I gave you a present of local sake.

I can't go out with you!I can't drink!

In the case of alcohol, I wondered if it wouldn't feel out of place to say that I received it as a souvenir even if my friends and family asked about it.

Anything left behind, such as accessories, is dangerous.

I also have my preferences.

Do not give each other what you wear or what you keep.It's a rule.

I've gotten off topic, but since I met Mr. T, I've had more opportunities to go out.

One day on the way home, I was terrified that my eyes and tongue were getting better, and at the same time, my body shape was getting better.

Every time Mr. T says that I think it's okay to have a little more meat, but it's outrageous! ! ! !

Meat easily sticks to the stomach, lower body, waist, and back, but it doesn't stick to the chest! ! (not said)

When you lose weight, it disappears from your chest! !Originally not! ! ! ! (not said)

The next morning, I started running with my dog.

picture?what did you start? ?I ignore the gaze of my family and go running.

About a month later, my husband joined the war.

I can't say why I started running, but my wife and I still run.

but.This is this, that is it.

It's all about staying healthy, fit and in shape!for myself (laughs).

I like relaxing dates

I like to go to museums, but basically I like to eat and relax.

It would be nice to relax at a city hotel, but after a few months, Mr. T invited me to his apartment.

You live alone.

I will spare you the details, but...

At that time, he prepared the movie that we were talking about on our date a few times ago.

We had a very relaxing time, making light snacks and preparing drinks.

I thought I would be nervous at home, but Mr. T had a very relaxed look on his face, so I remember that my tension naturally melted away.

that movie

"Fifty Shades of Gray"

A college student at work was amazing! !It was impressive that she said with sparkling eyes,

I was talking about it, but I hadn't heard about the content of the movie from that child, and I hadn't researched it.

When I started watching it, I was very surprised… (laughs)

"Um... it's not like I'm interested or want to try it...?"

How funny I was when I confirmed! !
Really, really, what should I do if I'm told, "Let's try it!" ?I even thought

Mr. T doesn't have such abnormal tastes, so he looked at me in a panic and laughed for a while.

Roughly speaking, it is about SM.


It's a story about a master-slave contract and romantic feelings.

As for my opinion,It's sad to have a relationship where the other person's feelings aren't involved and emotions are left behindI don't know.

It is easy to lose sight of human desires because they are greedy.

And scary.

You can't see the important things.

I was vaguely thinking about what the Little Prince said.

If anyone is interested, please come by.

After that, I visited Mr. T's house once every few times, and we had a relaxing date, a rendezvous with each other?We are doing

You can watch nostalgic movies, read books, and spend more time together during the rainy season when you can't go out.

It might be a good time to get to know each other a little more.


Shinro means a mirage.

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