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Feeling crazy with dad life [3 selections]

"An excellent silver bullet has strong side effects..."

It seems to be a certain life lesson, but apparently this seems to apply to papa activities.

In this article, I will talk about the "side effects" that I learned through my life as a dad and mistress = out of the general public'Feeling crazy'I will write about


[My mistress data]
□Period: 2 full years                  

Form: Exclusive to one dad   
Partner: CEO of a small business     
Amount received: 500 million yen in total


■ There are XNUMX senses that went crazy with dad life

The family budget is always tight because of the monthly payments.
When I was a full-time employee after graduating, I spent my days thinking, "When will I be able to buy what I want?"

At that time, I became acquainted with the president through work, and while I was dating and receiving support, my life changed completely.
A dream-like life began where you can buy whatever you want.

However, after being freed from the stress of money, I lost my sense of "general public awareness".

Three senses that went crazy.
"Money" "Means of transportation" "Measure of happiness"
I will divide it into and list it concretely.


■ Crazy sense (1) Money

Money sense goes crazy.There is a dad active girl, part XNUMX.


① Life that can be bought without looking at the price tag

The average disposable income (money that can be used freely) is 40 yen per month.It fluctuates depending on the month, but there were times when it exceeded 50.
Even after deducting the rent of 10 yen, the amount is still far from the company's previous salary of 18 yen. (I often ate meals with him, so my dad actually paid for it.)

so,30 to 40 yen can be used as you wish.
Of course, there are a lot of PJs who are earning more because there are higher ups, but for me at the time, I was living like a “celebrity”.

I see less and less price tags.

Do you think that a person who has been living like that for two years can return to the original sober life?


② Self-image cannot be changed

While I was his mistress, I spent most of my days under his control.

In such a life,Fill the loneliness with luxury with a self-image of "I am good at paying"will become a habit.

Even if you quit your mistress, you can't change your self-image so easily.Because lowering your self-image means giving up on your sparkling self...
After breaking up with Papa-sama, he continued to show off as "I'm good at paying",My $100 savings ran out in no time.


■ Insane sense (2) Means of transportation

Taxis are the norm.There is a dad active girl, part XNUMX.


① “Why am I on the train?”

One time when I was a mistress, I felt like it had been a long time while waiting for a train on the platform of the Yamanote Line.
Riding a train for the first time in a long time.

I rent an apartment in a place where I can walk to work, so I don't take the train to work.
In the beginning, I only used taxis when I was with my dad, but after half a year we started dating.Even if you are alone, you always need to move by taxi.had become "Why am I on the train?"But that was my feeling at the time.


② Taxis are fashionable necessities!

Taxi is easy.
If you can sit down, it's not crowded, and the road is not crowded, it will take the shortest route to where you want to live.

Because it is such a taxi movement, it is possible toMinato-ku girly fashion with heels and mini bags!

It feels good to have people around you look at you.
For that you need a taxi."Taxi" has become an element of fashion, so I can't imagine life without a taxi!

After I stopped being a mistress, I couldn't afford to pay such a large amount for "only transportation expenses", and I ended up spending my days sighing while looking at the taxi.


■ Crazy sense (3) Measure of happiness

Do you know the established theory that happiness does not increase when income exceeds 800 million?
It's not going to be 800 million a year, but a similar phenomenon has started to occur.


① The initial setting of life is "Papa comes"

When a year and a half passed from the start of mistress,
"Financially I'm fine, but what will happen to me in the future?"I suddenly felt a vague sense of unease.
I've been so satisfied with my life that I can afford.It's like a switch has flipped in my head.

I can't imagine life without my sponsor Papa.
Will I live with this person for the rest of my life?

At that time, I was 26 years old.I'm still in my mid 20's.
It is impossible to have only one choice in life.I could feel my face getting darker and darker.


②There is money or there is only money

I was able to buy the Gucci shoulder I wanted.
The life of a taxi came true with heels.
Money can be replenished by saying "I bought XX".

"If you have a child, I will arrange for half of the inheritance to go to you," he said.

Even if I had more money in the future, would I be satisfied with that?

There is no end to luxury.If you look up, you will need an infinite amount of money.

Papa-sama was the president, so business trips to various parts of the country are a daily occurrence.I often followed him around on Saturdays and Sundays when the company was closed.Of course, you won't be able to spend your time like you used to, such as "a whole day off" or "hanging out with your girlfriends."

That's right, my mistress life
"I have money", but in other words, "I only have money"!
My “initiative in life” was catastrophically gone.

Even if I try to think about happiness for myself, my abundant financial background at that time puts a stop to "letting go of my current life."Like a doll that has lost the ability to think.
The longer I got to know him, the more I got stuck in a lonely swamp, wondering, "What is my happiness?"
This lonely conflict may be presumptuous, but I wonder if it's a pain that can only be understood by those who have experienced it...I still feel that, five years later.


■ Summary

If you give yourself over to the experience of quick success, these feelings are out of step with the general public.

Even with my own experience, I agree with papa katsu as a life experience.

However, although this may be a harsh opinion,
If you continue to be a daddy or a mistress, the time will come when you will be taken aback.

As someone with experience, I pray that no girl will be destroyed by the "side effects" of the magic bullet.




In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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