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What is the reason why daddy girls who are convinced by daddy are doing daddy activities?

Papa-katsu has become a common topic these days.

With the coronavirus epidemic, there are probably many daddy girls who have unstable income or are in trouble with money.

Also, I think there are many people who want to start working as a dad.

Therefore, it is surprisingly important to have a long-term relationship from the face-to-face meeting, which is the reason why I am working as a dad.

I started working as a dad six years ago, and now I have three dads supporting me.

I've met a lot of dad candidates before I met these dads.

When I first met him, in addition to mundane conversations such as age, hometown, and work, I was almost always asked why I was doing daddy activities.

I wanted to live a comfortable life, and I wanted to buy brand-name products.

The first time I was asked, I couldn't give a good answer, and I may have been disillusioned with my dad who I met at that time.

Also, some dads were hesitant about the amount of support for that reason, and they didn't have a long-term relationship.

I've been told sarcastically that it's all about the money...

In order to build a wonderful relationship with the dad I met, today I will introduce the reason why I am doing a dad activity that makes it easy to impress him!

Many dads are executives of large companies, run their own companies, and earn a lot of money.

However, even dads who have a lot of money are worried about the whereabouts of the money they gave them.

Also, for reasons that the dads are not convinced of, it may end with a face-to-face meeting, may not be able to receive long-term support, or may lead to a reduction in allowances.

First of all, let me give you the reasons why daddy is hard to accept.
・I want money to play
・ I want to supplement my living expenses

I think there are many people who start dad life for these reasons. (Yes, I am one of them. LOL)

I'm sure there are a lot of dads who have plenty of money.

However, I don't think there are many dads who want to support long-term for this reason alone.
It's normal to want to support a child who is chasing his dream, as long as he pays the same amount anyway.

For example, if you go to a cabaret club, you can receive solid hospitality.

But that's only when you're paying inside the store.

I feel that many of the dads I've been in a long-term relationship with are looking for a close emotional distance from the daddy girls.
There are so many dads who value the connection of the heart.

Here are some reasons to impress your dad.
・I have a dream, but I can't make enough money just for a normal part-time job or work
・ I want to study abroad someday while learning a language
・I want to learn something and I want money to go to school
・ I want to spend money on myself to be beautiful

You can make a good impression on your dad if you have a positive reason, such as.

I wonder if the reason why I want to spend money and be beautiful is a good impression at first glance?Some people think.

However, there are some dads who are satisfied with the fact that they can see the process by which they become beautiful with their own money.
(I haven't received any support myself, but I consulted with him about cosmetic surgery several times, and there was a dad who willingly agreed.)

Next, I will talk about the actual support I received.

Currently I work in the real estate industry.

In order to acquire the qualification, I thought about going to a school for attending school.

The tuition fee was about XNUMX yen, which is a lot of money for me.

I told him that I was working in the real estate industry, so when I told my dad about it, he paid the tuition fee, and even if I reduced the number of times we met before exams, he would keep the allowance. gave me

As a reason to make a good impression on dad, I think it's a good reason to just say that you want to get some qualifications or have a dream that you want to fulfill.

However, I think that it is a chance to expand one's possibilities if I met a father with great pains.

Papa-katsu is a relationship that is only connected by money, but dads are chasing dreams and are on the side of Papa-katsu girls who work hard.

I don't think I could have passed the exam on my own.

I thought that I was lucky if I could get a qualification, so I worked without any particular goal.

However, thanks to my father's support, I was able to obtain the qualification.

Also, it is important to be considerate to the father who wants him to support him as a support, not just to have him pay the full amount.

By telling your dad how hard you work hard on a daily basis, he will have a good impression of you.

I think it's not impossible to talk about the real reason, such as wanting money to play or wanting to supplement the living expenses, and to get approval.

Of course some dads will believe that rather than lies and fiction.

However, if you tell your dad why you want the money that he is satisfied with, I think the content and amount of support that your dad will give you will change.

Now that papa activities are popular, I want to invest in you!Please find a reason to make your dad think.

Root dark pj who loves low-malt beer and his pet dog.Arasa so much that you don't need ara.I have zero experience as a writer, but I will share my experience.Please be gentle with me (。 ㅅ 。)

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