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[Anonymous question box answer] Is there such a difference between with rubber and without rubber?



Is it that much different with and without rubber?Why do you stick to no rubber?Do you feel numb?

I'm curious about the topic of rubber...Thank you.

People who try to put it in without putting on a rubber band want to cut it with scissors.






Thank you very much for your question.


Putting aside the pros and cons of wearing a condom, the difference between rubber and non-rubber is not just a skin sensation issue.


Of course, I think there are a few men who perceive a very slight difference in sensation, but the important thing is not the skin sensation.


They are excited and comfortable with the situation of "doing it without rubber".


You can understand if you think about having sex in a luxury hotel and having sex in a run-down guesthouse.
No matter what you do, the feeling on your skin will not change at all, but I think the degree of satisfaction with sex will be very different.
It is nothing but getting excited and feeling pleasure from the information of "situation".


Of course, it is out of the question for a man to try to do something raw without a woman's permission, but I hope you understand why men are so particular about it.


In the first place, even condoms cannot understand the difference between 0.01 and 0.02 by skin sensation.Again, they are excited about the number 0.01.


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