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A must-see for daddy girls!2 works of Cinderella stories to raise your motivation

"I want to be a princess"
"Someday the white horse prince will come to pick me up."

Every girl in the world would dream of it at least once.

However, the reality is that there are many times when working hard is not rewarding.
The prince I thought would come to pick me up doesn't exist in this world...

The Kanto region has also entered the rainy season, and the humid days continue.
I think it's time to get out of the way.

This time, such a sad feeling will be a little more positive,
Here are some recommended Cinderella stories (movies).

pretty woman

[Appearance] Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, etc.
[Published] 1990
[Time] 119 minutes

You are probably reading this column right now.
Many of our readers may be movies from a time when they were not yet born.

The story is that Edward (Richard Gere), a talented businessman, gets lost,
It starts with asking a prostitute, Vivian (Julia Roberts), for directions.

Wearing a miniskirt that looks like she could see her underwear at any moment and long enamel boots, Vivienne
Whether he took me to a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, or to a boutique where I went to buy clothes,
You will be treated coldly without being treated as a customer.

She grew up to be a wonderful lady, and while her relationship with Edward deepened,
The date of the end of the contract that was originally promised is approaching...


Actually, it's a movie when I wasn't even born.
It's not an exaggeration to say that it's one of my favorites, and it's a work that makes me want to watch it over and over again.

Richard Gere was 41 years old at the time.
Dressed in a CERRUTI suit, wrapped a Rolex around his arm,
The sharply determined figure has a bitterness that does not make you feel your age.

Above all, I bought Vivian, a street corner prostitute,
He never treats you like a prostitute, and gives you a loving look.
It may be a figure that should be called a papa's sample.

[Trailer] https://youtu.be/eBEz9PGvd0M

Sex and the city

[Appearance] Sarah Jessica Parker, Chris Noth and others
[Published] 2008
[Time] 145 minutes

This is a story about a group of four girls who struggle to find work in New York.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is also a story that all girls long for!

The movie version introduced this time is four years after the drama version,
Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Vic (Chris Noth)
It is a work depicting the slapstick life of cohabitation and even a wedding.

A beautiful penthouse closet that can be mistaken for heaven,
Don't miss the fashion show of the 4 people who are preparing to move to live together!


This is one of those movies that I have watched over and over again.

I will always have a longing for the appearance of the four people walking in the streets of New York.
I wished many times that I would like to have friends who can honestly clash with each other for better or worse like the four of us (laughs).

Even now that the word “Papa-katsu” created by the Universe Club has become common,
Most of the children are hiding the fact that they are daddy active girls.
If you have a friend who understands and can talk about such things, please cherish it.

Recently, a new chapter of the drama version has been released as "And Just Like That ...".

[Trailer] https://eiga.com/movie/53179/video/

So far, I've introduced two works, but what do you think?

This time, the older uncle raises the younger girl,
I introduced a Cinderella story with a situation similar to that of Papa Katsu.

My favorite papa who raised me to be a wonderful lady (self-proclaimed)
Just like Edward and Vic, he was a wonderful uncle who always wore a suit!

Of course, before I met him, I knew everything about his profession and his manners.
Knowledge that has become a waste of treasure with few opportunities to actually use it,
He was the one who made it a habit and made it natural.

Of course, we met at the Universe Club♪

I have no way of verifying if he is withdrawing or not,
Many such wonderful dads are registered in the Universe Club.

As I wrote at the beginning, I don't feel well when the days of the rainy season continue.
I think there are times when you just want to cancel a date with your dad at the last minute.

Such a day is a great chance to make a difference with other daddy active girls.

While everyone is dragging their dull mood and heading to the date,
Listening to the theme song of the work I introduced, I was more fired up than usual,
If you go on a date with a perfectly decided look, you will definitely make a good impression!

"I got angry just by leaving the contact for a while."
"When I negotiated my allowance, I didn't get a reply and the relationship ended."

Just a little difference and ingenuity in the continuation of the relationship with the father
I think there are a lot of people who have a big impact and realize it.

For those of you who are reading this column right now,
I hope you will meet the Prince of Hakuba (or maybe Papa!?)♪

You can ask the dad you met at the club to raise you, or you can use the allowance your dad gave you to improve yourself.
I hope that you too will find happiness that anyone would envy, just like Vivian and Carrie.

See you in the next column.


I will write about how Arasa Papa Katsu Girls met a wonderful man, tips and things to keep in mind to succeed not only in Daddy activities but also in private life.I hope that my article will enrich someone's life as a father and eventually as a woman.

Article by Kazuha

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