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How about the setting for the character who is active as a papa?


Do you want to set the character in Papa Katsuchu?

Ah~ every day my hay fever gets worse.

Every day, Hana Celeb puts it in her bag and goes out.

Well, all the women who are working as dads, are you showing yourself to your dad?Or do you want to set the character to some extent and continue acting as it is?This seems quite separate.

I'm about half and half.

Half and half can be changed depending on the man, and even if you change it, it will be found out.

For example, when it comes to my dad who has been under contract for a long time, my personality, character, and gestures are known to some extent.

As expected, I can't perform 365 days a year.

That's why, when it comes to dads who have contracts that are long enough, it's basically like I don't act, or rather, I show them my true nature little by little. (It feels like a gradation.)

However, to be honest, it's different when it comes to men I've met for the first time.

I still get nervous when we meet for the first time.There are times when I think.

After all, there are cases where the contract is not decided due to the gesture at the first meeting or the catch of the conversation.

Especially when you want to sign a long-term contract with your dad, you sometimes get impatient and get flustered and the man finds out.

Certainly, it's a character to show an impatient appearance?Some men may think so.

But from my point of view, the more I rush, the more disadvantageous the contract will be for me.

After all, it's like telling the other person that you're having trouble with money, right?That's embarrassing, and I think you can imagine that it will make it easier for men to make contracts with favorable conditions.

There is quite a bit of a tactical part here.

To be honest, I think we have to create an atmosphere where women can hold the reins.

That's why I don't want to show men that kind of impatient feeling.

That's why, when you're acting impatient, it's natural. (I don't know how the other man sees and accepts me.)

There is a character that I think should not be played the most.

It is a character who speaks to Papa in Tame language.

There is one girl around me who has that character.

I always look at it and think it's absolutely useless.

First of all, the reason is that it is too rude to superiors, and above all, it is too vulgar.

I happened to be nearby while she was talking to her dad on the phone.

Listening to the conversation at that time, I pulled normally.

Occasionally, he would say “that guy” or “seriously” in rapid succession, and he would start preaching halfway through.

It may be a bad way to put it, but I think that no matter how much the other party is a "do M" man.

Certainly, she may be liked as a female character, and if the two of them are good to each other, that's fine.

However, I think that there are some basic manners among women who work as dads.

Should I say I'm ready to receive an allowance?Should I call it preparation for going out with an adult man?What is it like to be a daddy in a state that hasn't cleared it?I think.

From what I've seen, I think she's a very rare woman.

But if there is even one woman like that, I feel a little disappointed.

After all, if a woman who acts vulgarly gets involved with various dads, there is a possibility that a woman who works as a dad may be thought to have no common sense, right?In other words, she is the same pattern that is misunderstood as "papa activity = sex is for sale". (Maybe this is the influence of the media.)

It can lead to a state where you can't judge things from a different angle.

But now that I think about it, I remember it too.

A line that my past dad told me when we first met.

“I see, you have unexpected common sense.That's what I thought, but now that I think about it, it might have been sarcastic.

Just my prediction, though.

The woman in front of me was quite cruel, and the next time she acted with some common sense, so it's possible that she left me with a throwaway line like, ``Does a woman who lives as a dad have common sense? There is.

Thinking about it now, it feels more natural and fitting to capture it that way.

But there are some girls around me who play characters who are too classy.

For example, there is a child who is playing a role as a dad, saying, "I was raised with care by my parents, and I have been able to live without any inconveniences."

Don't you think it's unreasonable in dad life?I feel unreasonable.

After all, aren't you living as a dad because you have a disability?I just thought. (I wonder what other people think...)

I wonder if Papa made a contract after seeing through it?That's what I think, but I can't play a character that's easy to fall for such lies.

It's easy to see that all the people who are called Minato-ku girls have that kind of impression.

Actually, I have a friend who lives in Minato Ward and works as a dad, but my parents' house is normal and rural.

But for some reason, I feel like I'm living every day with pride. (Looks tired to me)


So far, I've talked about various characters, how was it?It's just my personal feeling, but when it comes to playing a character, I think it's important to act politely and show your daddy your true nature.Most of all, don't you get tired when you see it from the female side?I wonder if it can continue for a long time?I thought.

Besides, from a father's point of view, caring about a woman's nature is the happiest thing, isn't it?I feel.

In fact, when I remembered the process after I made a contract with my dad, I looked very happy when I saw him reacting to me.

From that time on, I decided to stop playing too many characters, and only flirt a little when I first met.

That's the character I play now.

Surely, I thought that a child who earns a lot would be good at acting like this. (Is it okay if I say that I know the exquisite points until Papa hates it?)

From the perspective of a dad activity beginner, it may look like a “quite difficult bargain”.

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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