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Papas who don't refuse "properly" when they notice a last-minute cancellation due to the flu

flu is an excuse

Influenza epidemic this winter.

Rena's surroundings are not popular at all, and Lena herself is not involved, but the reason for the last-minute cancellation of the first meeting that Rena promised was "I got the fluI've heard a lot of

Apparently it's more prevalent in the world than I thought?I had that feeling.

After thinking about it, I don't know if it's just an excuse to refuse.

According to Rena's friend Papa Katsu Joshi, one out of every three appointments made in January this year was canceled due to the flu...

Everyone, please take care of yourself.

result of thought

Lena thought a lot here.

Maybe the cause of the last-minute cancellation wasn't the flu.

I have a cold other than the flu, I feel uneasy, I don't want to go out because it was cold and snowy in the first place, I'm tired from drinking too much the night before, I'm late because of overtime. Kane.

Rather than just giving such a common reasoning, the flu is more "Ah~ that's cute, then it can't be helpedI feel like it's the flu because it's persuasive.

It's cunning, but it's a trick you can use.

One of the complaints that men who meet face-to-face say, "Even if you adjust the date and time and go to the trouble of making a reservation at a good restaurant, there are times when you can't come to the meeting or you can cancel an hour before the day, so meeting at a meal entails risks.I hear you say.

Perhaps it's especially easy to decline a promise with someone you've never met because of the vague feeling that you don't want to go.

A trick is used there.

The flu power is strong, and if it's the flu, I feel like I'll be in trouble if I catch it, and the other person won't want to see me on that day.

I think it's a good excuse.
It may be that both men and women use the flu as an excuse, but from listening to women's stories and from my own experience, men are more likely to refuse an initial meeting using the flu as an excuse. I feel like

man who refuses

On the other hand, it is also true that there are many men who do not refuse properly.

Take Lena for example.

There was a very busy man who was finally able to meet after the staff of the dating club arranged his schedule for about a month.

In the first place, it was like living in a rural area, not in Tokyo, so we were supposed to come to Tokyo every week, but it was decided that we would have tea on that day even before we met.

Because it is a freelance business, it seems that it is quite busy with entertainment.

During the meeting, we had a delicious afternoon tea, and it was a happy time.

I was given a proper allowance, so when I sent a thank-you LINE after meeting on the way home, it was immediately blocked, and I couldn't read it for a long time.

At times like this, when we meet face to face, I think,i'm not the type"And"I do not meet the conditions”, I would not be shocked to be blocked and ignored as unread.

Why would you give lip service to me to see you again?

What's the point in doing something that makes you expect it?

I feel like a man who doesn't refuse properly is cheating.

The refusal to continue a relationship with a man is "breaking my body""my family found out""very busyThere are various things such as ", but I think it's terrible to let you expect and refuse.

"Let's go abroad together~', and suddenly I can't go because I'm busy with work.

"I'll bring Michelin', and suddenly his body broke down and he couldn't drink alcohol.

For that reason, delicious food is coming up on my dad's Instagram every day.
I wonder if I can properly decline.

clearlyfound a nice ladyI think you should decline.

There are men who can do that, and I think it's really cool.

I want to shoot such a man.

However, many men do not politely decline.

Why do you keep second and third...

I found out

After working as a dad for several years, Rena found out that men who don't refuse flatly are just unfair.

I'm just afraid of being hurt when I flatly refuse and get a negative response, or when I get dumped by the girl I thought was my favourite, I won't have a replacement.

In the first place, dad life may be a world of deception and deception, but Lena thinks that such cunning people only hurt people.
How many times has Lena received angry and threatening phone calls from the wife of a "single dad"?

I want to avoid hurting people as much as possible and live my life as a dad.

If you make people unhappy, it will come back to you.

I will tell you this story slowly next time.

Aiming to start a business, I started Papa Katsu for networking and saving money.I had a lot of wonderful encounters, so I would like to share them with you all.

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