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Papa life and cosmetic surgery


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After working as a dad and earning a little money, the woman begins to pursue beauty.

I'm the same.

After all, brand-name products are something that remain in shape, and if they become unnecessary, they can be sold, and somehow they can make money.

And, although you will show your ostentatious side to those around you, the sense of self-satisfaction you get from wearing branded items is amazing.

Every day is exciting, and if you buy one, you want something that matches it again and buy one.

So-called endless.

Then, before you know it, the room will be filled with branded items.

And the degree of pretentiousness affects the surroundings.

We are of the same sex, and when we go out to eat, we end up paying the bill.

I'm not saying that dad life is bad, but it's a typical pattern that people who obviously didn't have money in the past suddenly start having money.

Branded items drive people crazy.

When you suddenly start having money, your desire to buy increases, and it is easy to fall into a shopping addiction.

Especially when most of the rooms filled with branded items say so?There are so many people who said so that I thought.

An easy-to-understand example is a video of a person who grew up rich, and his room is filled with branded goods, and everyone has seen a mess.I don't have much

To say that you can earn money by working as a dad is to say that it is easy to become such a person.

So what I want to say is the "beauty" part.

The same can be said for this.

In normal life, stains and skin deterioration that you don't care about.

That's why I want to double my eyes, tear bags, etc. There is no limit to examples.

This is because when you start working as a papa, your aesthetic desires increase rather than your material desires, and moreover, there are many women who can earn more than a normal income (an image of an office worker during the daytime). Makes it easier to throw in large sums of money.

Then, it is cosmetic surgery that does not stop.

Occasionally, I witness a scene where idols that are no longer selling appear on TV as someone else's face.

I have a suspicion that this is exactly what he did with the money he earned from working as a dad.

The reason is that there are actually a lot of such papa active women.

But do you need it?Is it unnecessary?If you ask me, if I'm going to give my opinion based on the premise of individual freedom, I think I'll answer "necessary."

I have my own thoughts on it.

First of all, there are many types of cosmetic surgery.

That's why I'm not saying that everything is "necessary", so please don't misunderstand.

I had one cosmetic surgery.

It's the puffy area under the eyes. (the lower part of the tear bag)

Since this was a little swollen, I was often misunderstood since I was in elementary school, saying, "Aren't you very tired?" (she was told by her teacher)

Then, as I grew up, it swelled a little more and dark circles began to appear.

As a result, you can't hide it with makeup, and because dark circles get in the way, you tend to be seen as a "sick woman" whose eyes are always tired.

As expected, it's about time I reached my limit and began to consult with those around me.

Then, I heard that the girl who was doing my nails had the same problem and had surgery, so I asked her about it in detail.

One word from her was, "It will change so that you can't see it, and you should definitely do it."

So, if you ask me in more detail, I will bring fat from the buttocks and inject it under the eyes and let it adhere.

Of course, before that, I need to have surgery to remove the fat under my eyes.

And I heard that in total she cost about 70.

"Yeah? I can go now." I immediately made a reservation for cosmetic surgery in Ginza with her introduction.

Then I received medical examination and counseling.

The content was exactly the same as what she said, the only difference was the amount.

There are two types of plans, one with a total of 70 and the other with a total of about 50.

The difference is the problem of the fat adhesion rate that I talked about earlier.

If you use a good machine, the adhesion rate will be 90% and the other side will be 60%.

It's just that over time everything will feel the same.

I'm 50 and I'm fine with surgery next month.

I had swelling for about 2-XNUMX weeks, but after that, it disappeared completely, and the impression around my face changed.

In fact, when I showed it to my papa who had a contract at that time, he was surprised.

That's exactly what he said, ``This is more like surgery for a normal disease with a lump removed than plastic surgery.''

Maybe that's what it was.

Certainly, I didn't do anything such as cutting somewhere, forcibly dividing it into two, or adding something like silicon to make it bigger.

However, the swollen part was removed with a scalpel.

So can we call this plastic surgery?I have my doubts as well.

However, since it is a cosmetic surgery that is not covered by insurance, it will definitely be part of the plastic surgery.

What I want to say is that if it's at this level, it will affect my normal private life, so it's within the necessary range.

However, in Papa Katsu, I was asked, "Dad likes big breasts, so should I have breast augmentation surgery?"

Isn't there some kind of "kind of endless surgery if you have money"?I am categorically against it.

Apart from that, I have no intention of saying anything like that to my parents.

What I want to say is, don't dedicate your life to papa activities that much, okay?That's what I mean.

I think that papa activities should be simple things that are more familiar to women. (That is, in thoughts and everything.)

So, even if there was a request from Papa, it might have been Papa who started it, but when you think about it over time, there will always come a time when you realize that ``I was just using Papa as a reason''.

And when you realize it, it's too late in some cases.

If it's just to remove moles or something like that, it's better to do it, and depending on the case, there are cases where a normal hospital will do it with insurance coverage.

Depending on the cosmetic surgery, there are pros and cons, and there are times when I speak only with my level, but at this level, there should always be a borderline for each individual.

I think that most people are able to recognize the average to some extent through conversations with those around them.

The borderline I say is endless if you do this, and if you go this far, you can't show it to your parents.

This is my borderline criteria.

Daddy activities can earn money, but there are people who go in a ridiculous direction with just one way to use that money, so be careful.

One example was "beauty".

The shock when I first learned about the dating club was amazing.Since then, I've been hooked.We will continue to transmit reality from a female perspective.

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