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The beauty expenses that dad active girls use in one month are disclosed! ! !

What is the beauty cost that dad active girls spend in a month?

Papa active girls cost money anyway with beauty!

I'm a dad active girl in my twenties.

On weekdays, I work as an office worker while being a dad.

My hobby is beauty, and I want to be beautiful so that my dad likes me, so I spend money on beauty.

I'm going to talk about the beauty expenses that I use in a month.


I have summarized the breakdown, but in conclusion, the monthly beauty fee is about 330,000 yen! ! ! ! (Twice as high as an OL's salary)

I had never calculated the total, so when I calculated it for writing this article, I was surprised that it exceeded XNUMX yen a month! !

But I want to stay young forever, I want to be beautiful.I think, so I think it's important to spend time and money on beauty.

Besides, appearance is absolutely important when I am working as a dad, and I get a lot of offers from my dad, so I spend the most money on beauty bills.

Daddy also gives me good things such as ``I can be proud of being with you'', ``I'm beautiful and working hard, so I'll give you some pocket money''.

When I see myself getting prettier, I'll do my best even if I'm busy working as an OL or dad!fun!I can be positive, so I've been told that I can be positive and the atmosphere is good.



Preface It's been a long time, but I tried to summarize the breakdown of the beauty fee, its contents and reasons ↓


Beauty salon = 30,000 yen

Cut, color and treatment once a month

I go to the treatment on the XNUMXnd of the month.

If the hair is beautiful, the first impression is different, so I go through it properly.

To keep my hair shiny, I use the shampoo from the beauty salon at home.

My dad used to tell me that a woman with damaged and dry hair looks unhealthy, so I'm careful.


Nail salon = 9,800 yen

She also pays attention to her hands, and she always does hand care and nail care.

I always have my nails neat and clean with a simple design.


Eyelash extension 11,000 yen

If I don't go once a month, my eyelashes come off and my eyelashes become unbalanced, so I don't miss it either.

Now, especially when I'm wearing a mask, my eyes are the first to see the other person's eyes, so I'm getting them to take good care of me.


Facial beauty treatment (twice a month) = 85,000 yen

I have a facial beauty treatment twice a month. It's quite expensive for two treatments, but I want to stay beautiful forever, so I've decided not to skimp on skin care.

Wearing a mask makes your skin rough and wrinkles increase with age, so it is important to take care of your skin.

I take off my mask when I eat with my dad, so I take care of my face every day.


Eyebrow salon = 8,200 yen

It is said that eyebrows change the impression of the face, so I trim them once a month.

I change the shape and design of my eyebrows according to the season and fashion.I am satisfied because I have a professional look at the balance of the eyes, nose, mouth, and the whole face and perform the treatment.


Manipulative treatment (pelvic correction) = 15,000 yen

I work as an office lady, so I go here to relieve the fatigue from work.If the pelvis is distorted, it is easy to gain weight, so I am receiving pelvic correction and massage.


Personal gym = 45,000 yen

I go there to maintain my figure and tighten my body.The price is high, but I can teach in a way that suits me, who is not good at sports, so I can do it without stress.I can have a conversation with my dad who likes gyms.


Relaxation = about 40,000 yen

Enzyme bath, mugwort steaming, oxygen capsule, etc.

I work as an office worker and work as a dad, and I'm busy with beauty treatments, so I go when I have time.

I often go in the evening after work because it is soothing.Relaxation and healing will make you stress free.


33,000 types of beauty supplements (for XNUMX month) = XNUMX yen

It's important to keep the outside of your body clean, but I try to keep it clean from the inside as well.Of course, I also pay attention to what I eat, but I also supplement my nutrition with supplements. (For anti-aging)


Cosmetic fee = about 50,000 yen

It varies depending on the month, but it is around XNUMX yen.Skin care, cosmetics, perfume, body care, etc.Since it is used every day, it is consumed quickly.


Whitening = 6,000 yen

I go there every month.I'm wearing a mask so I can't see my teeth much, but when I eat, I keep them clean because I can see them both when I'm an office worker and when I'm eating with my dad.

It's nice to eat with a woman with beautiful teeth.



This is a beauty fee for one month, but there are other costs such as annual contract full body hair removal, clothes, facial equipment, cosmetic surgery, etc.Girls cost money.


It looks like I don't have much time because I'm working as a daddy with an office worker, but I'm surprisingly able to go to all of them.

I make it a beauty day on all holidays, and I put beauty in after work and dad activities. There are many things that are good, such as becoming expensive.


I don't have any trouble living because I have a daddy who gives me a separate pocket money for beauty expenses, which is more than XNUMX yen a month.Rather, it's a big plus even if there are a lot of expenses every month with OL's salary + dad's pocket money + beauty fee assistance.


This time it's my one month hairdressing bill, but some of my friends spend more on hairdressing than I do.I want to be beautiful no matter how many years or decades pass, so it feels like an investment in future beauty.


I want to continue doing this because my personality becomes brighter when I become more beautiful, and my dad has a good reputation for it.

It's been 6 years since I started working as a dad, and I'm still doing my main job.His work history is night work, dad activity, office worker.I experienced a lot of good things and bad things.I will write advice and experience stories regardless of gender.The Eternal Question “Which is more important, love or money?”

Article by mikazuki

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