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Husband and boyfriend's dad activity is discovered!How did you find out...?

There are many married men among the men who are doing papa katsu.The fact that there are married people means that there are women in the world who are being used as dads by their husbands.What should I do if I find out that her husband or boyfriend is doing dad activities?We will introduce how to deal with women along with actual cases where husbands / boyfriends' dad activities were discovered.

Husband / Boyfriend's Daddy Activities Discovered!How did you know?

① I found an app on my smartphone

"When my husband was taking a bath, my husband's smartphone sounded a notification sound, and when I casually looked at it, it said, 'There is a new message.' It's not LINE or Twitter, but an app I've never seen before. I felt a sense of incongruity, so I searched for the name of the app and found that it was a dad activity app.My husband got angry at me for divorcing me and said, 'I'm just having fun.' In the end, I asked him to pay for my overseas trip. I decided to forgive him.” (38 years old, housewife)

② A memo left by a dad active girl...

“After my husband got home, when he was about to put his suit jacket on the hanger, a note fell out of his pocket. It said, ‘Thank you for the meal! No way ... adultery?I thought and asked my husband, "Recently, I was just going to play because I can't invite you," he confessed that he was doing dad activities. I was angry, but I regretted my coldness to my husband and decided to forgive him.” (36-year-old housewife)

③ Daddy's active awakening broke the engagement!

"After I got engaged to a guy who was 5 years older than me at a bar in Roppongi, I found out that he was dating a dad. It all started with an SNS tip. There was a person who sent me a DM saying, "He's famous in the Papa-katsu area."Moreover, he sent me a screenshot of his profile screen that he had registered on the Papa-katsu app.After that, of course, I got a lot of compensation. I broke off my engagement..." (28-year-old woman)

What should I do if my husband/his dad activity is discovered?

① If you're a lover, it's up to you

If you find out that your lover is doing papa katsu, I think many women will choose to break up.However, if her fiancé was doing dad activities like the woman mentioned earlier, she may be able to claim alimony from him.

② If your husband's dad activity is discovered, it depends on the other party

If the husband was doing Papa-katsu, I think it depends on the relationship with the Papa-katsu girl.Even though the marital relationship has not broken down, if you have been working as a dad with a specific woman for a long time, you may be able to claim alimony as an adulterer.However, if the relationship is a one-off, or if the daddy partner did not know that her husband was married, it is difficult to claim alimony from the woman.

③ In the case of an unspecified number of people, it is difficult to claim compensation from the other party

If the husband was playing with an unspecified number of women, there is a high possibility that he was doing daddy activities without knowing each other's backgrounds, so it is difficult to claim alimony from the women who are daddy partners.Men who do dad activities often meet with this unspecified number of women, so in this case, the only solution is to talk.

④ Discuss with your husband and decide

If your husband is a papa, it is often difficult to claim alimony from the other woman.Also, for women who cannot get divorced for financial reasons, I think the only way is to talk to her husband and get him to stop being a dad.However, I think that there are many women who think that it is natural to think that they cannot forgive her husband if they have had relationships with an unspecified number of women, even if it is just one time playing with fire.

⑤ In the end, it's up to you...

Most people think that dad activities are not serious relationships for men.I think it's ultimately up to the wife to decide whether to treat it as "mere play" like a cabaret club or a prostitute, or to think of it in the same way as cheating.In addition, men may run into papa katsu because there is no nighttime activity between husband and wife.It may be necessary for the husband and wife to discuss properly, not just the husband's problem, such as whether there was a marital life or whether the relationship was broken.

in conclusion

I think most women lose faith in their partner and give themselves up to anger if their husband or his father activity is discovered.If you're a lover, you can say goodbye and end there, but I don't think that's the case for a couple.Of course, the bad is the husband who did papa katsu.However, it is necessary to discuss why her husband was forced to act as a dad, and whether there was no reason for it.My husband's dad life is a serious problem.I don't think there's any other way to resolve the issue than to have a proper discussion.

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