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Who is the "malicious dad" lurking in SNS and apps?

Recently, there are many women who personally “recruit dads” on apps and SNS.
If you don't go through a dating club and are doing dad activities on your own, you can't avoid trouble with a "bad dad".
If you personally look for a dad on the internet, you can meet easily, but keep in mind that there are risks as well.

Malicious Daddy's Trick

These are the 5 main "malicious dads" I've seen around me and my friends.
Similar malicious dads are also exposed on SNS such as Twitter.

・I will not come to meet you

The malicious dad doesn't show up at the meeting place for some reason, even if he's been interacting with him for a few hours.
Dad suddenly loses his temper just because he didn't reply to the last message.

・No allowance

There is a vicious dad who won't give me the allowance I was talking about in advance or won't pay at all.
After all, I just want to have a meal with a woman.
These people are trying to deceive you from the beginning.

・Eat away

It's disgraceful.
Surprisingly, there is a vicious dad who eats and runs.
They often pretend to go to the "toilet" and then disappear.
For the first time, it might be wiser to just meet face to face.

・Spy photography

Watch out for small objects pointing in strange directions.
Recently, there are clock-type cameras on the market.
Just by looking at it, I don't understand it at all.

Trying to mix sleeping pills

The scary thing is that without proof of identity, some people come up with things like this.
It is said that it may be mixed with drinks when you go to the toilet.
Actually, I have felt "something was mixed up" about twice in the past.

Everyone is nothing but trash, but if you are doing dad activities on apps and SNS, it is not a person's business.

As long as you are working as an individual, there are always risks involved.
Especially for dad activities on SNS, there is no guarantee of identity for each other.
When something happens, I'm the one in trouble.
Even if it takes time, make sure to choose your partner carefully.

Daddy activities done by individuals are side by side with danger

Just because you don't want to show your ID, it's not a good idea to easily recruit dads online.
Who will help you when something happens to you?If you are going to continue your dad activities online, don't go out to unfamiliar places.

It's really dangerous.

Originally, dad life is safe and secure.
If you want to avoid bad dads and want better quality encounters, why not consider registering for a “dating club”?

Experienced as a receptionist, hostess, and chat lady.Based on my experiences, I write articles about men and women from various angles.

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