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It actually meant something like this

Papa is active, but Papa is active

My name is Amone Asami and I am writing a column for the first time.
Recently, the number of women saying "I can get 10,000 yen just for meals" has increased sharply with the word "papa katsu"!
But if you think about it, a man who gives you 10,000 yen just for a meal feels like a god or a Buddha man.
For that reason, it is important to polish the inside as well as the appearance.
There are various women, but it is actually important to look at yourself objectively. . .

Do popular women do it?

What do popular women have in common?"Care, Care, Care"These three points.
A woman who can do this is sure to be loved.Considering her appearance is of course included in these three points.
Today, I would like to focus on one of these, "consideration."

so what should i do?

After a date, women who send "thank you" emails and women who don't send emails tend to be more favorable to women.
Men will be pleased with even the smallest consideration of cutely wrapped candy on the day of the date.
If you have a long-term relationship, maybe the man got you a birthday present!I think it's possible.
It is also "worry"."Worry" should be returned with "Worry"I think so.
It is NG to leave it.It's a bad woman.
Let's celebrate the man's birthday!I'm not forcing you to, but today I thought it would be nice to introduce you to the meaning of a gift that actually has such a meaning, so let me introduce it!


Handkerchiefs are something that I use often, and I think they are perfect for presents.
However, when I imagine its use, it is associated with wiping tears, or waving a handkerchief when saying goodbye to a soldier during wartime.
It's very easy to use and easy to choose, and it's reasonable, so it's good, but those who know it may think "Uh...", so be careful with handkerchiefs.


Socks used to be called tabi.
From there, if you give socks as a gift, it will become "frequently", meaning "let's meet often".
I also choose socks when I'm in trouble with presents.
I use it on a daily basis, and I think it's the most innocuous gift...lol
It seems that it also means "to step on" or "to look down on", but I interpret it as "let's meet often".
Even just saying "Let's meet often" is double the cuteness ♡

But the best thing is...

There are many other gifts with meaning, so if you are interested, please check it out ♪
However, from a man's point of view, I would be happy to receive a gift, but I would like to avoid high-risk gifts...
I didn't do dad activities, but from a man's point of view, the best thing is"Bland gift"Conclusion So much.(Nanja solya!)
I thought that custom-made shirt tickets and slightly better ballpoint pens would be safe!
By all means, let's all become a higher-ranked woman who can take care of small things! ! !

I'm Amone, and I want to deliver Amore to everyone. talk to this staff

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