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Papa's salary? Is "money you spend on me" important?

It is always displayed in Papa Katsu app etc."Annual income of male members".
It's an item that tends to be eyed, but isn't it necessary to be pulled so much?I will write what I have always thought.

■ If what you are looking for is "money"

I affirm.
You are an acclaimed daddy, especially a newbie to daddy life!If what you want is "money", you don't have to aim for "rich dad" or "high income dad" from the beginning.It is

Please look be considered.A stingy 1000 million yearly income and a XNUMX million annual income, a single aristocratic office worker with a good reputation.who would you like to date?

If what you want is a variety of “experiences” that you want to get out of your throat through dad life, it may be a good choice to have a stingy man with an annual income of 1 million to be a dad.For example, a university student or office worker who works for a company can see a world that they cannot see on their own (more precisely, with their own disposable income), an experience that they cannot obtain, knowledge and insight that they did not think about, and so on. You may be able to get it by looking at your appearance and possessions.Even if you don't get a single yen in cash, you can get an "experience" that money can't buy while you're young.Is there really no better investment than this?I honestly think so too.Great decision.Awesome!

On the other hand, all the daddy girls who say, "What I want is" money "♡".
Daddy life, is it going well?Are you getting the money you really want?
Although it is good to adopt the royal road approach of papa activity, "You should catch a rich fat daddy!" aren't you?  

■ The number of people I met first rather than looking for fat daddy!

The important thing is not "where the money comes from" but "the amount of money that comes out".
I'm sorry for the shameful, unpopular opinion, but that's the truth.

As I wrote earlier, no matter how much you are a manager, investor, or real estate owner who earns 1000 million billion yen, you would rather earn 800 million yen than a stingy man with a tight wallet. However, a man who works for a company with a good reputation can definitely get money.

For that reason, the first dad life!What should I do now?Nice to meet you, I'm afraid to meet a man, don't be nervous... Among beginners, don't go with the aim of "big dad pole-and-line fishing."If the person you met and had a good relationship turned out to be Fat Papa, then of course, all the best.

But sticking to fat daddy

"I want an annual income of 3000 million"
・ "Managers and owners rather than company employees"
・"At least a company officer..."

If you're narrowing it down from the beginning and choosing a face-to-face partner, change direction now

・ "People who are easy to message and continue the conversation"
・"Someone who is easy to talk to"
・"People who have a reasonable income"

It is wiser to approach and meet more and more.The conversation will surely progress (you can reach the face-to-face meeting), and the probability of meeting “the person who will become a daddy” will increase accordingly.

Fat papa, fat papa...Rather than staring at the screen of your smartphone, you will understand how to deal with dad activities by doing the number of times you actually meet.At the time of withdrawal, where to push, how to charm yourself... It is said that there is no royal road to learning, but in the end, unless you are an outstanding beauty or have a status (a brilliant career as a CA, announcer, etc.), there is no royal road = shortcut to dad life. The shortest route is to work steadily with the spirit of turning around.

Anyway, I have met many men through dating sites since I was 16 or 17, long before the word "papa katsu" appeared.Beginning with "older brother in university", "former host in his 20s" who is a little older than myself at the time, "30s working at a major company", "40s just after divorce", and "50s starting to feel lonely in life". …and so on, I met more men than I could handle with my hands, and at times I developed into a good relationship, and enjoyed “heterosexual intercourse”.About 25 years after I started dating online, I turned XNUMX and met a man who I am dating as a dad.As a result, you will be given about 500 million money.Thinking about it now, it's a long-term battle, isn't it? ♡

Example: My dad was like this 

"Because I'm a hired president"
My dad who I've been dating for 2 years.To quote him earlier, he was neither born into a wealthy family with a silver spoon in his mouth, nor was he a wealthy man who made his fortune in a single generation.

He said that the female president he met by chance discovered his talent and asked him to take over after me, and eventually he was appointed to the post of "president".Before he assumed the post of president, he started several companies and managed them himself, but he remembers saying that they weren't doing so well at that time and that he rather said, "It was a fire car." increase. "The current company is 100% equity capital. It's a good company.""I don't like birthdays. I came from a poor family, so I didn't have anything to celebrate, so I was miserable."He was a down-to-earth person who truly knew the value of money.

I think that it was a salary system because it was called "hired president".It was a small company.He shouldn't have had an annual income of XNUMX million for himself.But still, "the woman who surrounds" = I'm called an allowanceForm of “cache”In addition, dinner, hotels, cruises, etc.Form of “experience”so,spent a lot of money.I didn't start the relationship with the big daddy, but looking back now, I think it was a very good relationship.I can only thank him.


Papa activities can be said to be “high risk, high return” in a sense.No matter how guarded you are, in many ways, there is always risk.
Again, that's whyIt is very important to have a calm perspective and the spirit of "turn around if you are in a hurry"!Even if you continue to be a dad who stretches yourself too much and can't be yourself, the balance will come to an end somewhere.
No matter what, height is important.As you do so, your feet will harden and you will naturally grow taller, and the results will follow♡

In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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