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Papa activities go better with communication that puts men in the lead role

Women who are cute but don't get offers, feel like they only meet strange men, and can't keep up with good men are doing "self-centered communication".

You end up interacting with men as a private character.

(Aren't I cute? Aren't you going to praise me? Aren't you interested?)


There are many cute and beautiful women in the dating club.Just because it's cute doesn't mean it's easy to flirt with it.


Let's assume that the main character is a man.


"I'm still respected, I'm a respectable person. Let's do our best from now on."

Are you having a conversation that makes you think?


Are you the main character in the conversation?


For example,


"Why am I ~ 〇〇?"
"How old do you look?"
"Hmm, I hate that."
"Heh, I'm not really interested (laughs)"


Even if you say that

(I do not know.)

Regardless of whether we are good friends, even if we meet for the first time or just meet a few times and are told, "It's me! It's me!"


Man: “You like hot springs, don’t you?”
“Well, since everyone goes into hot springs, isn’t it dirty?!

Man: “You really like alcohol, don’t you?”
"I don't understand why everyone wants to drink such a bad thing."


It doesn't feel good for anyone to be denied something they like.
If someone says, "I don't like you," you'll end up asking, "Why do you dislike me?"

When I talk with my friends, I'm sure they reply something like, "Oh, I'm too fastidious."I'm sure those friends are fed up with you being so quick to complain about things..


Affirm your partner

Basically, let's affirm men's existence, remarks, values, everything.

Recognize men's values.


Men with high social status are in a lonely position, so in such a situation, there is also a sense of security when there are people who affirm themselves.


In addition,

There are times when I'm told rude things by prescribing "Isn't this what Mr. ○○ is like?"


For example, "It looks like you're having a night out,"

"Aren't you lazy at home?"


I get angry when people judge me based on an arbitrary image, and I just want to say, "That's not true!"

However, even if I deny it from the front

Some people say things like, "Don't lie!"It's a terrible story.

There are quite a few men who say that if the image of a woman is not what I want it to be uncomfortable.


Even if you feel a little bad, if you say, "That's right. Actually, I'm △△. Mr. ○○, you're right. You might see through a lot of things!" , You have eyes to see through people.) I am satisfied.


play a character

Even with the same offer to you, Mr. A and Mr. B may want slightly different characters from you.

Play the character that would be desired as much as possible.


For a man who was attracted by his background as a university graduate and offered him an intellectual story and an episode of research during his school days.

For the man who was attracted to the sexy episode written in "Mistress Diagnosis" and offered it, tell a story that is not vulgar but sensual and heart-pounding.


In fact, it's good to think that you're not that interested in the inner workings of women, and that you don't care if it's true or false.
Sometimes you have to say things that you don't want to, and even tell a little lie.


I may be a little far from my true self, but I think that dad activities will go well for the first time when I can show the image of women that men want.

You can build a close relationship with a man who is interested in you and has a good compatibility with him.


Having a story that is "male appealing"

"My hobby is visiting cafes." A woman who says this is very cute, but in the world of dad activities, it is convenient to prepare material that men will like.


"I don't know much..." Momantai.
There are many men, especially middle-aged and older people, who want to teach, so it's fine if it's wide and shallow.It's OK as long as you know a little bit.

By the way, Papua's profile.
hobby:"Driving and watching motorsports.A man who loves ramen and sake! "is what it reads.

It's not a lie for the purpose of an offer, but "cars, ramen, and sake" are my favorite things.

There are many men who are knowledgeable about cars and motorcycles, so it's exciting.
If you are not interested in cars "Ferrari" "Macan" "Cayenne" "GTR" "Supra" For the time being just know these five names w

Also, delicious ramen shop information for men who often travelWithout exceptionPleased.If you don't go out to eat very often, just search for "○○ ramen" and find out about the good-looking shops that pop up.I can't really make a fool of the ramen information sticking rate.


As my own experience, as a hobby that men can easily bite into


Horse racing



comics for men


サ ッ カ ー


Ken Shimura

etc.If it is a man who can be talked about, I think that "AV actress" is also good.

Even just being able to talk lightly about a topic that a man likes will make him happy.


For those of you who think, "I don't really understand all of them, and I'm not interested," just reading the basic rules, outlines, and appearance programs on some curation site and memorizing them will make a big difference.

 "In golf, do you really hold hands?If you say something like ", he will talk without permission.



When it comes to dad activities, we tend to dream of a man escorting us like a princess♡, but there are not many men who can do the escorting that women think of.Uncle Minato-ku (some of them)or scammerAbout

But give it to me first.There are many women who can't do this, so I have a good impression of women who make themselves the main characters.

Please try it.

The night I alone counted the number of dreams my flying friend dropped

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