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Men who try to do it raw are worried even though there is a risk



Aren't men who try to do it live fear the possibility that they may be infected with a venereal disease by a woman??

I think it's fine if both of them test negative for sexually transmitted diseases or if the woman is on the pill and agrees, but anyway, a man who wants to have sex with anyone, even if it's raw, is at risk to himself. I worry








Thank you very much for your question.


If you were to die tomorrow, would you care if it was raw or rubber?


You probably won't mind.Whether you get a venereal disease or get pregnant, you will die tomorrow anyway.If you're worried about such a thing now, you'll prioritize which feels better, rubber or raw.


What if you die the day after tomorrow?

After a month?

1Years later?

10Years later?


I don't know at what point the questioner will be concerned about whether it is rubber or not, but at some point the moment will come when they will be concerned about whether it is rubber or not.


Of course it is10I don't care if I die in a year's time,10Year and1I don't think it's a clear statement such as "If it's a day, I care", but I think you can understand the difference between short and long.


expected value problem


Whether raw or rubber, there is a certain amount of risk in the act of sex.It can be said that it involves not only venereal diseases and pregnancy problems, but also various social risks, especially in relationships such as papa-katsu.


Nevertheless, the reason why the questioner is working as a dad is because the return was greater when comparing the risk and the return.


Sexually transmitted diseases are no different.


For dads who are older and shorter than you, the risk of venereal disease is not as big as your question.especially5060In your generation, you may be thinking, "I'm going to die soon anyway, so I can't help but worry about it."


In modern times, the venereal disease leading to death has become something like AIDS, but even if there are many venereal diseases leading to death, it will not change.


It's not that they don't fear venereal diseases because they don't think they're going to die.


Because I know that I will die soon, I am not afraid of sexually transmitted diseases.


I appreciate your concern for my fathers, but please do not worry.Papas are fully aware of such risks, and on top of that, they just judge that the benefits of living raw are greater.


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