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Housing from Dad, gossip

In my mid-twenties, I have been a mistress for two years.
In the previous article, "I was given an apartment by my dad."I was able to do it.

This time,The story of the rent of the apartment that I could not write last time, the specific contract detailsWe will share "outside stories" on moving to an apartment in Minato Ward.
The story of "treatment" that you care about ... ♡


■ The apartment is in my name

Whether it's a rental apartment or a condominium,Whether the name of the contract is "Papa?" or "Is it you?"

My dad who rented a rental apartment in Minato Ward.The name of the contract that was exchanged without my knowing was "I".

Now that I think about it, how grateful I am for that trust.After all, even if you run away with the expenses and the rent is not paid, if you go crazy (laughs) and mess up the room or break it, it's your dad who's responsible.

And now I know that
Whether it's a rented property or a purchased property, a contract in "his name" carries the "risk of being kicked out" in the worst case.Because no matter how "my paradise" I live in the middle of Minato Ward,When the dad who is dating says, "I'm the 'nominal', so go out," the girl doesn't have the slightest bit of authority to stay there.
In the future, when you get a happy "apartment get!" in the future, it may be better to know "who is the nominee".

■ All expenses are on him

Securing a place to live is an event that moves money as it is.Will a stranger really invest in such a big deal?Daddy-active girls who don't have anyone around them who have such a real experience may be a little skeptical about whether the "papa-sponsored Minato-ku girls ♡" that they see and hear on the street is really true. (I was the same)

My situation,He prepared everything from initial costs such as the contract down payment of XNUMX yen, various insurance premiums, and even the rent after that.
I haven't taken a penny out of my wallet.

This is what I experienced as an ordinary woman who is neither beautiful nor talented.It's not an urban legend, it's a real-life example.


■ Condo details

The location is Minato Ward,The rent for such a longed-for apartment is 9 yen including management fees., and surprisingly reasonable.

The floor plan was one room, but it is a newly built property with a splendid entrance.You can see Tokyo Tower perfectly from the window, and the street in front of the apartment is very easy to hail a taxi.Of course, it is equipped with a delivery box and garbage station.It was an excellent property that could not be better than this.I still want to go home. (Honest)

■ Rent is handed over "Please put it in yourself"

The rent of such an apartment is 9 yen.After all, from the point of view of Papa, who had enough money, if he put together a year's worth of money and put it into his own account, it would be all right.
He goes out of his way to put the money in an envelope and hand it to me every month, telling me to put it in my account.

Will I be able to meet the payment deadline?Are you someone who can follow the minimum rules?I think I was watchingin short,He was measuring the "credibility" of a person like me, who I had only known for a short time.

To him who asked, "Did you put it in the withdrawal account properly?"
When I said, "Yes, I paid as soon as I received the money," he complimented me every time. (smile)

Even if it is a matter of just handing over money and depositing it,It is important to deal with all financial matters in a timely manner.After all, the relationship between a dad and a girl is "person to person".No long-term dad life without trust!is.

■How did you arrange the furniture?

I moved from my parents' house to an apartment in Minato Ward in an instant without a thorough plan.I had my hands full with the rental contract, and almost everything else was taken care of after I moved in.

On the day I stepped into the contracted apartment, the room was literally empty, with no bed, no home appliances, nothing.I can't live in this.
there20 yen of "New House Celebration" given by PapaI used to buy furniture and home appliances from scratch and put the necessary supplies into the empty "box".Most of the time, he would come with me when I went shopping, so I skipped taxis to go to electronics retail stores and ○birds, and spent my weekends off work to build a "house".

■ Real Life & Benefits

The condominium gradually turned from an "empty box" at the time of delivery to a "home" where people can live.After that, I lived in a normal apartment room, and the life of [apartment ⇔ work ⇔ dad] began.

On weekdays, I work full time every day.It is very convenient because the apartment is within walking distance from the office.Sometimes when I go home, my dad will be there, and on the contrary, I will meet outside and have a light dinner before returning to the apartment.
On weekends, there were days when I went out to help out at his company, attended dinners and business trips, and there were days when the two of us relaxed at home.
My commuting time was shortened, but I was quite busy on weekdays and weekends.

By the way, when we talk about care,
I added 1 yen for utilities to the monthly rent of 9 yen."10 yen" was my "basic allowance" rather than my basic salary.
(Add extra pocket money, summer and winter bonuses, etc.About 12,3 yen to 25 yenI had a lot of things to do in a month. )


■ What is the other purpose of the apartment contract?

From here on, it's an extra story.

Actually, not long after I started dating him,"I'm going to make a new company, so you can join the board."That's what I was talking about.
This newly-launched company was probably a tunnel company with no concrete business, just a form of profit.I think…. (Between ourselves)

In such a way, a "registered address" is necessary, and in fact it doesn't matter if there is no office (it was said in the atmosphere), "Forcibly, Miki-chan's apartment is registered as a temporary address. I heard Papa talking to the people involved.

Of course I'm happy to be given an apartment in the middle of Tokyo,The existence of a mistress is used in various ways...I learned it for the first time at this time.

I also attended a meeting with the administrative scrivener for the registration, but in the end, I ended the relationship unilaterally as if I was running away, and eventually I was called "a company officer". "A position where you can receive money automatically and semi-permanently" has ended without being able to get it.Did I regret it? (too greedy?)


What did you think?
From beginning to end, I will be happy if there is anything I can do for you. ♡

In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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