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man without rubber



About how to refuse a man who tries to insert raw.


Both regular men try to insert it raw every time they insert it.

When I asked him to put on a rubber band, he lamented, "Isn't this time too bad?"


When it's terrible, I've even had the tip inserted...


・Fear of venereal disease

・Fear of bacterial infection

・Fear of pregnancy

・Financial and physical burden of the pill


There are many other reasons.


There is no advantage for women unless they add allowances, there are only disadvantages.


However, I think that a man who says so will show his displeasure rather than not being understood even if he raises the above.


Considering the financial situation, I still have the intention to continue with the men.


How am I supposed to continue to refuse…..


It's very stressful.






Thank you very much for your question.


If this isn't a Universe question, don't get involved with a man who tells you to wear rubber and makes the air worse.

The story ends with a word, but it seems that the person who asked the question can't cut off the relationship with the two of them, so let's answer with that as the premise.

Also, the method of finding another daddy is probably not realistic either, so I will answer without taking that into consideration this time.Still, if it's possible to find another daddy, that option is definitely the best option.

First of all, I would like to point out the misunderstanding of the questioner.

The questioner seems to think that "even if I tell you the truth, they won't understand", but that is definitely not the case.Men, including myself, are often stupid creatures, but I'm not as stupid as the questioner thinks.

Most certainly, they understand the rationale.

So why would they want to come alive?If it borrows the words of the questioner, it is "There is no merit. There are only demerits."

Listening to the questioner's rationale, what merit do they have?

Whatever the reason, they want raw sex.In other words, rubber can be said to be a disadvantage for them.

In the first place, it is the person who asked the question who wants to wear rubber, and they do not want to wear rubber.

Pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are presented as disadvantages for the questioner, but that is a "disadvantage for the questioner" and is not a disadvantage at all from a man's point of view.

For them, rubber has no merits, only demerits.The "right argument" that the questioner says is only "the most rational means to pursue the questioner's happiness".

From the perspective of a man who does not wish the questioner's happiness in the first place, it is neither a valid argument nor a rational means.

I'm sorry, but the person who asked the question also doesn't wish for the happiness of the dads at all.

After all, it's a dad life.We are only meeting for money, and the questioner does not wish for Papa's happiness at all.

I don't think it's bad at all, but as long as I think so, it's natural to think that neither the other party nor the questioner wishes for even a piece of happiness.


So if you want to continue the relationship with them, you have to offer them some advantages and balance the advantages and disadvantages.

What the questioner calls "justice" is nothing but a "reason that is convenient only for the questioner".


So how exactly can you continue a relationship without having live sex with them?


If I were you, I would probably choose one of the following three options.


(XNUMX) Decline every time as it is now.But I don't want you to understand my reasoning.One point of no good for raw.

(XNUMX) Bring it into SM play and take the initiative as an S woman.

(XNUMX) "I'm scared now, so wait a little longer" to stretch it out forever.


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