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There is also the risk of being arrested. What is the trick of a mediator who recruits dad active girls on SNS?


On September 2021, 9, 29 men, including a dispatched prostitution group leader, were arrested on suspicion of violating the Anti-Prostitution Act, such as arranging women for male customers on SNS.


According to the Metropolitan Police Department, the mediation group is suspected of impersonating a woman on a dating site and writing solicitation phrases such as "Is Yukichi two okay?"

It is said that the group had annual sales of more than 21 billion yen.


There are many male recruiters like this in the Papa Katsu industry.

This time, I interviewed a writer who is familiar with the criminal circumstances of papa activities and summarized the actual situation of papa activities mediators.


■ What are the tricks used by papa recruiters to solicit women?


Daddy recruitment agencies mainly use SNS to recruit girls.

The reality is that the police can't crack down easily because they recruit using jargon such as "P-katsu" and "girls who want to earn money."


Women recruited on SNS are invited to group talks on LINE, and the number of female registrants is increasing through referrals.


There are also mediators who directly scout women who wish to work as dads on social media. Look for a woman who writes "#hobetsu2" and "#person you can meet today", pretend to be a dad and contact the woman.


Therefore, I skillfully invite you to join the group talk by saying, "It's dangerous to be a dad on SNS, so I'll introduce you directly to a dad."


On the other hand, men who become dads and recruiters are connected through a referral system.The man who becomes a dad pays the initial admission fee to the recruiter as a referral fee.


The broker in Osaka I heard said,The initial admission fee paid by the father is 10 yen, and the referral fee is 1 to 2 yen each time a papa active girl is introduced.is said to pay


■ Are brokers safe and secure?


Daddy's men and women can be met through the introduction of a recruiter.Women have a child who can grow up and a child who can only eat, and the intermediary introduces a dad who matches the conditions.


It is said that it is safer for both women and dads than finding a partner on social media.But can it really be said that it is safe for a broker to act as an intermediary?


No matter how much the man on the father's side pays the admission fee, the mediation company does not conduct an interview.


Anyone can join if they pay the admission fee, so it is said that there are many gray zone jobs and dads in the bar business.


Also, it cannot be said that there is no risk of disease.Since the mediation company is only an intermediary, it does not mean that they will provide aftercare even if something happens.


In addition, it is against the Anti-Prostitution Act to solicit women for prostitution on SNS, to solicit men on the customer side, and to mediate them.


In other words, there is a fear that if one person is caught, they will be arrested.


■ What are the risks of individual dad activities?


Then, isn't it illegal to do dad activities personally?Even if you act as a daddy on your own, if it involves sexual intercourse, it will fall under the Anti-Prostitution Act.


There are no penalties for prostitution itself, and the prostitutes (women) are mainly punished for soliciting, waiting for customers, and mediation.


For example, in January 2021, there was news that a so-called "standing woman" who was engaged in prostitution at a meeting spot in Umeda, Osaka, was arrested red-handed by the Osaka Prefectural Police for violating the Anti-Prostitution Law. bottom.


In the case of standing up, it is an act of waiting for customers, but the act of proposing yourself to an unspecified number of people on SNS can be subject to punishment.In other words, it is very dangerous to recruit daddy partners on SNS.


Of course, there are many risks other than touching the law. On SNS, I see a lot of posts saying, "I was able to escape without paying...".


If it's just financial trouble, it's always dangerous to meet a stranger in a closed room, such as "I was beaten by my dad at the hotel" or "I was about to be voyeurized during sex".


■Is the dad activity matching app safe?


So, is the daddy matching app that matches daddy girls and daddy men, who have been increasing in recent years, safe? 

I think the risk of being arrested is less compared to personally recruiting dads on SNS.

But just because it's an app doesn't mean it's safe.


In fact, a woman who said she had met a man on the Papa-katsu app was the victim of a man running away with her money while she was taking a shower at a hotel.


After trying to report to the management of the app, the man has already withdrawn.If you go to the police, you can request the management to disclose the criminal's information.


But she is a college student.She couldn't tell the police that she was working as a daddy, so she had no choice but to cry and fall asleep.


■ How to do dad activities safely and securely


Of course, there are risks associated with asking a broker to act as an intermediary for prostitution, as well as doing dad activities on your own.If you want to do dad activities safely and securely, a dating club that only sets up dates is the safest option.


Papa is only a male member with a high status who has paid a high admission fee and passed a tough interview.

You can safely enjoy dad life because it is different from the gray zone men who are registered with mediation companies.

Be careful not to be deceived by the clever solicitations of mediators in performing papa activities safely.


Over 88000 Twitter followers. A married woman who works as an OL at an IT company and writes mindset guide articles for romance media.

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