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sex with daddy




Sex with dad doesn't satisfy sexual desire or heart.Sex with my good friend's dad is painful.


No matter how much you love me, it will never be enough.But even if it's just one night, I'm very satisfied with a young man.


Even if it's choking play, it's almost like rape, so if you're a guy you like, you'll get excited.

Does that mean I hate my uncle?

I think it will be a trauma for the rest of my life if my uncle suffocates and rapes me.







Thank you very much for your question.


Perhaps the questioner does not dislike uncles.


I hate all men except the one I like.At least you won't want to have sex with anyone other than the guy you like.


It's not that it's bad either.Rather, it would be more difficult to find a woman who likes to have sex with a man other than her favorite man.

If there is such a woman, I would love to meet her.


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