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This is the first time I'm doing p and adult.

Rubber is usually prepared by p, right?Also, do you want me to take care of you before the act?








Thank you very much for your question.

If the questioner is an adult, I have no intention of criticizing the act itself.

However, aside from that, even if the man prepares rubber, it would not be a loss for the questioner to prepare it, so it would be better to prepare it.

Where is the fool who asks the enemy to prepare a shield to protect himself?

Where are the idiots who let others hold the power of life and death?

Where is the idiot who would leave your oars to someone who rejoices when you disappear?

If someone brings it, just put it in your bag.

I'm very rude, but if the person asking the question can't think of even that level of reasoning, I don't say anything bad, it's better to stop being a dad.

There is a pretty gray area as to whether dad activities are legal or illegal.However, in any case, there is no doubt that it is not praised as general ethics.

And only good people can live in evil ways.If an idiot walks the path of evil, all that awaits him is prison, Tokyo Bay, and customs.None of the goals would be desirable.

I don't say anything bad.you're crazyThey are idiots who don't even know how to protect themselves.Such an idiot should not dabble in the difficult world of dad life.


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