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[Official] Announcement of Universe Ambassadors! !

We become indebted to.This is Mamiya from Universe Club PR.

This time, we would like to inform you that [Universe Ambassador], which we introduced before, is finally ready for activities.


official top


This top video was also released today
(Currently, there are two women, but we will edit the videos of the ambassadors and release them as needed. It is a specification that a different video will be released each time it is updated.)


Ambassador announcement page



We have been recruiting for several months, and five women have registered as ambassadors.

This time, the photos and videos are posted on the ambassador personal page.


Ambassador recruitment content



If you would like to know more about conditions, shooting methods, rewards, etc., please feel free to contact our staff.

We are currently looking for ambassadors, so if you are interested in a woman, please contact us.


Please continue to pay attention to the activities of Universe Ambassadors! !


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