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I can't imagine having sex with my dad!

Thank you for always using Universe Club!
Thank you for reading my column!
Ah~, I'm glad that Papa is alive ❤

Hello, nice dad life, fulfilling private life

I'm a dad woman.

To all single and lonely only women~,
Don't you think that you can't be a dad unless you go to "Papa Katsu" yourself?

Now for the question!

Does the flower go looking for paper wasps on its own?

"... don't look for it, just register♪"

Register now!Because nature and daddy will come!

From the very beginning, respect.

This time, I will answer the question, "I've become a good dad, but my physical relationship is a bit..."!

I understand.
It is unthinkable to have sex with a dad who is XNUMX or XNUMX years older than XNUMX years old
I know how you feel!
A clean, young and handsome dad would be fine, but being embraced by a dad who doesn't feel clean...
Your judgment that thinks like that is normal!
I would never see a dad like that again!
'Cause how many dads do you think there are on earth?

"XNUMX billion"

As expected, there aren't that many... but there are more than you think!

By the way, my dad is also a man.
It can't be helped that I'm suddenly asking for it
That's how attractive you are!
So what do you do when that happens?Let me tell you in conclusion!


If you think it's not compatible or physiologically impossible, it's absolutely impossible!
There's nothing good about forcing yourself to kill yourself
Rather than that, do your best to meet your next dad
Because that goes in a better direction for both you and your dad.

While meeting people like that, if a person who is like this dad appears,
have fun
When Daddy is satisfied, Daddy will give you more!

I've been a dad for 2 years ♪ I'll send you daddy life information ヾ( ´ー`)

Article by Ansa


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