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Daddy's life

Q.I saw Papa Katsu for the first time, but I haven't received an offer.

A. Don't just wait!
I have to be able to fully convey my charm!
And the people who become daddy only because you're beautiful and cute
You're not making an offer!
I want to help this woman!reminiscent of
Must be a hard working woman
It's important to tell them as much as possible!

Q. Is it true that you can get XNUMX yen just for meals?

A.This is true!
In fact, there are gentlemen in the world who can afford to do that.
However, there are not many people like that!
In addition, it is required to be an attractive woman that such a gentleman is looking for.
Consider that you can't meet!

Q. Is there a way to distinguish a good dad?

A. It is clear to clarify your purpose!
If you make it too clear that there is no adult romantic relationship, the offer itself will be difficult, so be careful there.
Also, it's important to properly express your intentions when you go out to eat and talk afterward.
You should say no thank you to the man who pushes you there!

Q. What should I do to be liked by my father?

A. To put it simply, people like people who are "friendly" and "not timid"!
Why did you do this to me at the beginning of papa katsu? !I know you're strangely sorry
Because I think I'd be in trouble if someone suddenly told me to buy something expensive.
(If you don't think so, just show me your bare hands!)

A man's pride and feelings are fulfilled by being relied on!
The correct answer is to respond to the other person's feelings by showing a genuine smile rather than being strangely reserved!

Also, when you want to buy something, it's better to go shopping together than begging for it!
By going together, the other person can enjoy it as if they were on a date, and you can make an excuse to buy it!

It's a higher hurdle to let women go shopping alone.
And at this time, it would be even better if you could have a conversation that would broaden your knowledge of the other person!

I've been a dad for 2 years ♪ I'll send you daddy life information ヾ( ´ー`)

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