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[7 rules for lovers] ~ I was a "secretary type" mistress


Hello everyone who is watching Cinderella ♡

My name is Miki Fujisaki, who was my mistress for two years in my mid-twenties. 


Today, I would like to talk about what I was careful about and what I was conscious of when I was a "mistress".


■ I was a "secretary type" lover


It is sudden,

I think mistress is a "service industry" that specializes in "customer = one specific man".


The content of the business is up to you.


My boyfriend (papa) who was the president and manager of a company.

While I was his mistress, I often helped him with his presidential business. 


I would classify myself as a "secretary type" mistress, so to speak.



As for what exactly you were doing...


・Write down the phone number

・Schedule sharing

・Confirmation of luggage for the next day

(When I'm with her from night to morning, I can't help but worry about the next day. I feel like a mother asking, "Is there anything you forgot at school?")


From simple things like...


・Writing external newsletters

・ Accompany the recording of the sponsored program

・ Keeping up with meetings and entertainment with his customers

・Attend dinner




・ Accompanying domestic business trips together


up to this.



Occasionally, I was involved in actual work and had various experiences in various places.

(At the time, I was working full-time five days a week and doing other work, so looking back now, it was super tough!)


When I go out, I'm sometimes explained that "I'm a child of the company", and sometimes I'm introduced to a fellow president of another company who knows the situation, "Miki-chan is here today, so please take care of me". .



Rather than nightlife and sexual partners,


I think that the "business assistant" had a much greater weight. 


As for the allowance, I was getting a certain amount of monthly allowance + extra temporary allowance, but I was quite busy and didn't have much time to be alone. (bitter smile)


To be honest, I had a lot of money, but I had a hard schedule without my discretion (I didn't have the authority to decide for myself).



Now, based on the above,

When I was living like that, I was careful about the following 7 things in order to keep my mistress and balance myself.



■ 7 rules for mistresses!


[XNUMX] Think that there is no freedom of schedule!


A lover is a business that depends on "that person".

The existence value is born by accompanying "the person".

Understand yourself as an accessory!



[XNUMX] Keep in touch!


The mistress business is a credit business service business.

To be able to receive and send calls at any time.

Dealing with clients is the cornerstone of business!


[XNUMX] Be mobile!


Always ready to meet your needs.

For that reason, always dress neatly and lightly!



[XNUMX] Do not hesitate to dye!


When and what kind of role is required for what kind of scene changes according to needs.

No matter how unreasonable your position is, you should respond flexibly!



[XNUMX] Manage your mood and condition yourself!


Basic of basics.On top of that, always be a "safe zone" for your opponent!



[XNUMX] Don't hesitate to solve problems with money!


I have money.Spend money, get people to work, and reduce what you have to do.

The right way to be a mistress is to be comfortable in everything possible and to look beautiful for your clients!



[XNUMX] Don't forget your true self!


No matter how much money you receive, no matter how you are treated (or treated) by those around you, nothing will change about you.

Never lose the ability to correctly grasp your own existence, which is never big or small! ! !




■ In the end, the most important thing is...


How about it?

When I write it out, I think I'm pretty stoic.Rather, it seems like a company motto... (laughs)


Because I was his exclusive mistress, it may have been a strict relationship that didn't give me extra freedom.


You don't need to go this far in a typical "papa activity".I think most of the relationships are more frank and casual.



By the way,

If I were to pick the most important of these

[7] I think it's the turn "Don't forget your true self"!


If you are a girl who is currently active as a daddy or a mistress, you will understand.I think,

Don't you feel like your own evaluation and value is going up with the money you're given?


The feel, just like the bubble of the 90's.Even though there is no reality, the numbers are steadily increasing, and after the bubble bursts...

Hmm, I'm afraid to think, so I stop.



Not forgetting the "zero point" self and the "genuine" me is an essential item for a long-lasting dad life and mistress life.

After all, it is synonymous with "securing long-term medical care" ♡




that's all,

I introduced 7 articles based on my experience as a "secretary type" lover. 


Don't forget that whatever type of dad you are,

The basic question is "What does the person want?"and gain trust.


Whether it's a dad activity or a mistress, the other person is a real human being.

Compassion is the foundation of human relationships.Use your imagination and think about what you can do for the other person.


Needless to say.


If you want to be a daddy or mistress anyway,

I want my dad to like me and aim to be a girl who will be treasured for a long time. 


Good luck to the dad active girls!


In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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