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what kind of dad do you have

Isn't the question of "What kind of person is the other party?"To give a simple answer, it is easy to imagine an office worker who is next to you on the train.In other words, there are many ordinary middle-aged men!
This time, for those who are thinking about trying daddy activities from now on, I will tell you what kind of daddy was actually done, not everyone is a wonderful daddy, but I will tell you the experience I experienced. I'll go♪



gourmet papa

First of all, as the title suggests, my dad knows a lot of delicious restaurants.
He knows a lot of restaurants that girls would be happy with, and even when exchanging messages, he would say, "What do you want to eat? I'm curious about this place."
I think gourmet dads have a great influence on girls' own experiences as well.
I have learned table manners from the beginning, but even among them, he gave me advice such as "It's better to do this here...".I think some girls are experiencing table manners for the first time.In such a case, if you meet Gourmet Papa, you can grow with one stone!When you grow up, you will be asked about table manners in various places.
Many gourmet dads take pleasure in teaching girls they don't know.So let's take care of such a dad as much as possible and incorporate it into your own growth!
As mentioned above, there are dads who can teach you, but some gourmet dads say, "It's only natural that you know table manners" and "It's impossible to eat with a woman who doesn't know manners." And everyone is not tolerant of ignorance.
This is because girls can embarrass their dads by not knowing how to eat.So, if you are not confident from the message stage, let's tell in advance!
Based on Papa's reaction at that time, if there is a need to study, it may be better to do some homework!



fashionable dad

Cool uncle!A fashionable dad who comes to visit with the appearance of.
The image is actor Junichi Ishida and Michael Tomioka!
There are many trendy things to bring and souvenirs, so you can learn a lot ♪
Many dads have a lot of clothes like suits because they are done with work.
On the other hand, some apparel-related and beauty-related dads wear eccentric and unique clothes.
A fashionable dad is not embarrassed to be with him and knows what's trending, but if he's too fashionable, he'll get more attention from the people around him.Have you ever seen someone walking down the street who looks much younger than your age?
Unfortunately, you can't understand fashion unless you meet and see it.
Fashionable dads are fun and give you an opportunity to learn about trends, but you should be careful with fashion that is too unique.



Unchiku Papa

Surprisingly many "unchiku papa"
In a nutshell, they are appealing with the intention of saying, "I know this much."A decade ago, intelligent men might have been preferred.However, it may not affect active PJs (papa active girls) so much...
It's fine if it's just a prank, but according to people, there are dads who 'criticize the store' and 'criticize the store clerk', which leads to arrogance.A friend actually experienced this.
According to the friend, from the stage of the message, there were many stereotypes such as "a woman should be like this", so be careful if you receive a message like that from your dad!
In addition, there are times when it will play an active role in unexpected places, so I think it would be good to incorporate it into your own knowledge while passing it on!



negative dad

The exact opposite of a proud dad!It's dark enough to make you think it's sucking your life out.
I feel like I'm saying "I'm...", and I'm definitely looking for "healing" in my dad activities.
To be honest, it's hard for girls to talk negatively, but if you continue to "sympathize" even in such a situation, your dad will have a good impression and it will be easy to continue.A lot of daddy girls don't like dads who think they're tired, so it's easy to continue!
However, from the next time onwards, negative dads are negative dads, so I'm sick of it too lol.
I don't think negative dads are that hard, so I continued with several people.
If you focus on eating delicious food and say "I see" or "I understand" here and there, there will be no problem!



Complaints/Boastful Papa

This is honestly the type I hate the most!
The attitude towards the store clerk is also an image that many people are domineering.
Anyway, I think I'm the best, so if something goes against my will, I'll lose my mood...
To put it the other way around, there is also the advantage that if everything goes according to your wishes + something positive happens to you, you will buy it as a "gift".When shopping on a happy day, she buys what she wants without complaining.
In other words, he is a dad who has money and is commonly called “fat papa”.
If you are a daddy girl, don't you think you want one?
They buy you what you want, and they give you delicious food.
I had no relationship with adults, so I had given up on finding a "fat daddy", but the complaining dad I thought was wrong at the time became my first "fat daddy" a year later lol.



preaching dad

"Preach Papa" is similar to complaining papa, but his anger is directed at girls.
It's easy to think of it as a kind of propensity, but I'm going to preach everything from "how to eat" "how to walk".It's rare, but it seems to be common among dads who aren't dealt with much at work or at home.It seems that he is not really angry because he is satisfied with such feelings of dominating and emphasizing girls, but most of the time it will be uncomfortable for girls.
Unlike complaining and boastful dads, the chances of becoming a "fat dad" don't seem to be that high, so I recommend saying goodbye.
As I wrote above, many daddy girls think that daddy is tough for me, so if you don't seem to mind that much, it's one thing to continue the relationship thinking that it's a "hidden" place. Hands!

I'm a daddy active girl who only eats with storytelling as a weapon.I hope I can write about both my bitter and sweet experiences♪ ★I'm enjoying life as a jani wota on weekends★

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