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[PR] What are the dating circumstances and countermeasures in the corona disaster? [Web seminar held]

Thank you for always using Universe Club.

Recently, we have received two emergency declarations and are about to declare the third.

A question arose at the Universe Club.

What kind of dates are the club members doing in this corona wreck...

In order to answer such questions

From Universe Club

A direct interview about the current state of dating that the coordinator feels!
We will be holding a web seminar for the first time in the dating club industry!

Main topics

Current status of dating in the corona disaster
● About infection control
● What is a letter date?
If your date gets coronavirus

Recommended for:
Considering joining the Universe Club
● I would like to hear from the club staff.
You are registered with other dating clubs or matching apps

During the webinar, there will be a question-and-answer period where you can ask questions directly to the lecturer, and we will also answer via chat as appropriate.

Seminar URL:


We are looking forward to your participation!

* When participating in the seminar from mobile, a dedicated application DL is required.


After completing DL and registration, please participate from the invitation email.

・ Seminar app DL method

From the above link, DL the application of the corresponding OS (Android procedure in the example)

A webinar will be held as soon as it is time.

After DL, the registered seminar will be registered in the app, so you can also participate from here.

We look forward to your participation!

After experiencing transfers to a wide variety of departments, I was forced to work by the window and by the wall. talk to this staff

Article by Yohei Tajima

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