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The number of offers is determined by the staff! ! ?

To all women

If you want to meet the Dating Club and find a wonderful relationship, you should definitely pay attention to the following points.It's been 5 years since I've been a staff member of the Dating Club.I will tell you my point of view.

How to find a dating club

Multiple registrations are recommended.A very neat and clean announcer type woman who is beautiful from anyone's point of view will receive many offers even if she registers for one dating club.I have introduced about 30 men to the history of the largest number of women in the universe club.butCompatibility with the Dating ClubThere are almost all women, so you need to register a few and find out the number and type of men you can meet, compatibility with the staff, etc.

Each club has its specialty.
Kurakubu-san, who specializes in entertainment-related women, is Roppongi, Kurakubu-san, who specializes in college students, Kurakubu-san, who prefers married women and calm women outside the 23 wards, and Ginza, which is suitable for women who have a strong desire to get married. Multiple registration is NG) etc. There is also a dating club that is absolutely SEX in name, but it is recommended for women who want to date without bargaining.If anything, the Universe Club doesn't refuse anyone who comes, and even if they're 50 years old, if they're beautiful, they'll hire them.Let's find a dating club in your area of ​​specialty that suits you.However, it's not bad to go to the registration on the same day, but you can tell it's the same person by the clothes, so it's better to separate the costumes.

I have a rapport with the staff.
In fact, when I go to other clubs for interviews, there are clubs who like me and find value as a product, and clubs who are looking for delicate models say I am. A sports system like this has zero commercial value.Responses vary from staff to staff.While I was talking, there were club members who liked my content and introduced me to them, and there were also experiences where my photos were sent to other club members without permission.Some of the staff were openly holding men's shoulders, while others were really kind.

About the difference from dating sites

Recently, a woman who didn't get an offer from the Universe Club contacted me to withdraw from the club.When I asked why, I found my dad on another site.That's what I'm talking about.that's right.These days, it's not a compensated dating, but a dad activity.Even on dating sites such as Wakuwaku and PCMAX, there are cases in which they sought each other and matched as dad activities.I'm just scared.Because even if you can negotiate the money, aren't you afraid that you don't know about the man's job or background?
We use ID cards to confirm real names, addresses, and jobs by meeting with men.
the most importantSafeI think there isI wonder if today's children don't think about what it would be like to be killed while looking for their daddy.I often hear that I will meet you at a love hotel and have sex and pay you money.

Preparing to register at the Dating Club - until the day

Points to look at during an interview

  • Sense of time → Is there any self-centered behavior such as being late or too early? Will there be any changes or cancellations to the schedule once decided?
  • Nice to meet you → Greet with a friendly smile as soon as you meet the person in charge.I'm looking at it from the perspective of if I were a male member
  • Is the inside of your bag or wallet clean? → Even if your makeup is perfect, if the contents of your bag or wallet are dirty, it's a minus.
  • Clean shoes → Sometimes there are women whose clothes are decided but their shoes are dirty.No good.
  • A woman with yellow teeth → She has a cute smile but her teeth are yellow.I can't stir up the desire to kiss.
  • Also, clothes, smell, sense of conversation, etc.It wouldn't be fun if the reaction to this conversation was light.

Also, rather than whether your face is beautiful or ugly, overallquality is still importantis not it.

I do not recommend this type of woman to men.

・ A woman who does not keep time (5 minutes late for the interview is not acceptable)
・Even during an interview with an unclean woman (bad breath, foot odor, scalp odor, etc.), all five senses are fully activated.
・ A woman whose sense of money is out of sync
・Let's have fun and make money Women (It's absolutely impossible even if you're half-hearted at work and you might be able to earn more than a cabaret club.) Effort is necessary to earn money.Women who don't make an effort are difficult.
・A woman who has no gratitude
・Women who are obsessed with money (people who are tied to money like that are not fun to be with.) The dating club is perfect for women who can say a lot about the benefits of meeting men.
・ Suitable women who are slow to respond (I can't build a relationship of trust and I can't see the attitude of improvement)

But even if you wear a cat, you'll get caught

The interview ends with a cat on.I was able to take a picture with the perfect Brikco ~ I got an offer right away.
I'm going home with 5 yen today, and the date for less than 5 hours is over. I had sex, and I finished, so it's OK~
Yes, I'm excited to see what kind of man my next prey will be.

What a bad spirit.
Feedback from the man to the club on the next day.
That girl was always looking at her phone while eating, had a bad attitude towards the staff, and was worried that the food wasn't delicious.
I'm an aggressive dating type (level of relationship), so when I invited him and started negotiating his allowance, my eyes lit up and the amount was more than I had imagined.I went to the room because I was so confident, but it was tuna and it was the worst.I don't even have a thank you email.
That thing.

yes.I'm sorry, but I can no longer recommend it.You should not think only about the immediate amount of money.Moreover, getting the staff to like you is not only during the interview, but as long as you are registered.
BecauseWIN WINrelationship is important.

To the end

I'm going to send it out from a concierge perspective little by little from now on.I'm going to write it with a harsh tongue, but I'm writing with the thought that if I can improve this, I'll have a good encounter, and if I get to know this, it will surely be an advantage for women.
Life changes in one session.I would love to help you move your life forward in the right direction.

2013.1.25 Joined Universe Club: Members at the time (Kida, Aso, Uta, Takita) 2019.4.15-2022.1.4 Take maternity leave.She has returned to being a mother of two.She still finds the work that deals with delicate feelings very interesting and difficult.There are many ways to meet her, but she loves the unique secret garden of dating clubs.She believes that what she tells women strictly = she really can have a good experience with women.I think that a woman who understands her position and understands her own position can have a wonderful experience and polish women through the dating club.She wants to be honest with men as well.Favorite job: The time spent interviewing women and being consulted by men about women Least favorite job: computer work, IT terminology talk to this staff

Article by Ai Takita

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