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XNUMX steps to becoming a mistress [For beginners]

My name is Miki Fujisaki, my ex-lover.
A new year has begun.

"I think I'll start working as a dad this year."
"I became interested in mistress life"
This time, I will explain the roadmap to mistress life based on the author's experience for such "papa activity beginners".


[My mistress data]
□Period: 2 full years                  
□ Form: Exclusively for one daddy   
□ Partner: President of a small and medium-sized enterprise     
□ Amount received: 500 million yen in total



■ Part 1) Image training from before becoming a mistress to the end

"Why do you want to be a mistress by doing papa katsu?"

Can you answer this question?
The answer for now is fine.Setting a “purpose” for anything gives you a place to turn to when you stumble.Daddy life is also true.

The troubles in dad activity are not only the relationship with dad.To be frank, Papa-katsu is strongly hit by the people around him, such as his parents, relatives, and friends who don't understand him.

First, make sure you have a firm stomach.



■ Part 2) Find a place to work as a dad and start

Well, be prepared mentally.The next step is to put it into practice.

Is the net your starting point?Real?
It doesn't matter which one you start with.

First of all, in the field where I fight, I will conduct a field survey of "Papa's activities".For the time being, you can put off the "manners of dad activities" and "cleanliness".
Even if it's a little scary, it's quicker to talk when you're out on the field.Let's get to know what is required and the process of papa activity with your skin.

You can start with a simple app, or you can register for a dating club from the beginning!
Like the author, you can find a place where you can become a mistress and play daddy at work! (I was serving customers in a large box in Minato Ward. It was an environment where many wealthy people were among the customers.

as a side note…….
if I amIf you are a dad for the first time, overwhelmingly"Universe Lounge"I want to recommend you!
This is because the face-to-face dad life from the beginning can be done casually and easily.Even if it doesn't go well, the staff will give you a friendly consultation on the spot, and there is a guarantee that you will come to the store.

In any case,
If you move to a face-to-face format early, you can clearly grasp your "market value" and get involved in dad activities!This is absolute!




■ Part 3) Know your weapon

What you should do in parallel with "searching for a market" to sell yourself is "knowing your own weapons"!
In other words, it is to know your selling strengths in dad activities.

Incidentally Are you able to distinguish between “sales/strengths” and “essential items” in dad activities?

i think"Sales/Strengths" The

・Broad education
・Fun conversation, etc.

One"Required item" The

・Manners (eating and dating in general)
・Response speed
・Do not be jealous of other P girls
・The ability to see yourself objectively, etc.

is. “Mandatory items” are “minimum requirements”. Some things, such as "feeling of room", require experience, but it is an item that you want to wear at an early stage.

What do you think?Are any of the above "things that could be my weapon"?
Once found,Let's put that weapon at the center of the daddy activity strategy and polish it on the stage of daily daddy activity!



■ Part 4) Encourage "beautiful"

Next.Knowing your weaponLet's raise the level of "beauty" that all dads want.

In "Immediately possible! How to make a beautiful woman" other than plastic surgery,

・Make yourself 12000% more attractivemake
・Good for dads who make the body line look beautifulclothing

Of course,

-posture(drop shoulders and lengthen neck)
-expression(A smile that exudes a sense of composure, a smile that is highly likable, a determined face when it's time to come... etc.)
-gesture(The way you eat, the way you smile, the way you hold your smartphone, the way you make a phone call, the way you drive a car, the way you hail a taxi...all your actions and gestures determine your beauty and worth.)
-Various manners(I want to behave with confidence in proper manners.)

The goal of "beautiful creation" is to perfect this area and be able to behave confidently.Just by thoroughly solidifying here, the degree of beauty will rise sharply!This is real!You can do it from today, so please try it.

And let's meet with men who are candidates for daddy, and imprint "I'm beautiful" in my head more and more!



■ Part 5) Let daddy choose

Well, here we are.You, who have researched your own weapons and worked hard to make them beautiful, are extremely great.Let's get the dads to choose "this me ♡" firmly!

I repeat many times,
It is very important to actually meet men face-to-face, feel your current location = market value, and proceed with dad activities.
Among them, problems such as “Today went well”, “○○ was a failure”, “Let’s polish it a little more”, etc. will naturally come to light.

If you were a matchless beauty, you wouldn't be reading this article.But she is not a girl who reigns in such a handful,Ordinary girls are the rough stones that dads are looking for.Be confident!



■When things go wrong?

lastly…….If.It's a what-if story.

Even if you continue to work on dad activities both online and face-to-face for half a year, if your relationship with your dad doesn't start or last...

Are you not very good at it?
Your conditions are too high (selfish) or
Are you not making the most of your weapons (not correctly determined),
Isn't it enough to make it beautiful?

is likely to be either

For the time being, if you can get a man like that who is compatible with you in all directions,Even if you don't meet your own conditions, it is recommended that you close your eyes and try to associate with them.

Set the hurdles low at first and gain experience.There is also luck and timing, but Papa's rank can be raised gradually.

In fact, after ending my mistress life for two years, I started trying daddy activities on the app, and immediately after meeting, I received an offer saying "I definitely want you to continue the relationship with me".Experienced girls are more useful than inexperienced girls.Employment and dad life are the same.



■ Summary

What did you think?

I wrote "For Beginners Straightforward Method" in the subtitle.I would appreciate it if I could push your back as one of the many processes to become a dad and mistress. ♡




In order to know the market value of her as a "woman", she started working as a dad and mistress. was her mistress for two years in her mid-twenties.I would appreciate it if you could share the joys and sorrows of those days, and highly reproducible how-tos.

Article by Miki Fujisaki

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